Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Why Facebook Will AutoPlay Sound Despite Complaints (AND MORE) – DMW #17


Hi guys, Tom here from Noble Samurai withanother edition of Digital Marketing Weekly Each week, DMW gives you a quick summary ofthe biggest and most important news that impacts your business, in the fast moving worlds ofVideo Marketing, SEO and Social Media! This week we’ll be looking at: 7 Reasons Why Facebook Will AutoPlay SoundDespite Complaints.

Why YouTube Is Killing An Ad Format Everyone.

Hates How To Boost Your SEO Rankings WithThese 4 Handy Image Tips.

The HOLY Grail Of Passive Online Income In2017.

Alright, let’s get stuck into it.

7 Reasons Why Facebook Will Autoplay SoundDespite Complaints Facebook have announced that all videos willsoon autoplay with the audio ON by default.

Some people aren’t happy about the ‘alwayson’ audio change.

One definite downside is that it will lead to embarrassing situations,with people getting caught trying to browse Facebook during work, at a wedding, or evenat school! Facebook have considered the pros and cons,and they’re making this change for the following reasons: It makes it easier for people to control theiraudio – as the built-in mute button on a phone or computer becomes the primary volume control Facebook have said initial tests receivedpositive feedback Facebook’s biggest competitor, Snapchat, is already doing it Video Advertisers want it, as audio playsa critical role in the effectiveness of a video There will be a reduced need for subtitles,which are cumbersome for the average user to add to their video Facebook is negotiating with record labelsto strike a licensing deal, which will allow users to include copyrighted music as thesoundtracks to their videos Given that Facebook are working on a TV appthat will showcase videos, it makes perfect sense for the audio to be on by default This means that having high quality, engagingaudio is going to become vital to a video’s success.

If you’d like to learn 5 InsanelySimple Tips to instantly improve your audio, check out the description below for a linkto a free guide we’ve put together for you.

Why YouTube Is Killing An Ad Format EveryoneHates YouTube will stop using the 30-second un-skippablead, and will instead focus on shorter ad formats.

The aim is to provide a better viewing experiencefor online users.

YouTube is worried about Facebook's focus on video, so they want toimprove the user experience to remain competitive.

This is another reminder that attention spansare becoming ever shorter, and that video ads must deliver a ‘wow factor’ withinthe first few seconds to entice the viewer to keep watching.

How To Boost Your SEO Rankings With These4 Handy Image Tips.

Engaging images are important for user experience,but did you know that tweaking your images will result in a boost to your SEO Rankings? This week business2community.

Com shared 4Image Tips to help you get a SEO Ranking Boost: Rename your image to include your primarykeyword phrase.

Include your primary keyword in the alt text.

Add a unique title to the image that staysrelevant to the content.

Resize your images to ensure they are lightweightand load quickly.

You can use a free online service such as tinypng.

Com to do this.

Images have a big impact on user experienceand SEO Rankings, so be sure to apply the 4 tips when adding images to your website.

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