Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Why Facebook fan page likes do not equal sales but they are important


Good morning, Tim Lumsden here once againwith another edition of what I like to call Facebook Fridays.

Where every Friday morningI talk to you about what's on my mind in the world of Facebook and business, and how torun profitable campaigns for your business.

Today, it's such a magnificent day here inMelbourne, I thought I would come outside and record it out here.

I really like thesesort of days, and I also like Facebook page likes.

Today I thought I'd talk to you aboutthe importance of page likes on your fan page, and to perhaps answer the question that everyonein business has and that is, "Page fan likes, do they equal sales?" Let me just answer this really quickly foryou right now, and say straight out no they don't.

I'm sure you can put your hand up andsay that you know that, because you've got likes on your page and just having likes onyour page they don't seem to generate those sales for you.

Let me just explain to youthat over the years, there's some great social media advisors out there, who tell you toget as many page likes as you can and to build your brand and to get that presence going.

Which is all great, and it's 100% a great strategy to have to build your brand to getas many likes as you can.

However, what they don't say, and what I'msaying, is that they do not equal sales.

These likes do not equal sales on their own.

However,there is something which is really cool and really special about page likes which makesthem very, very important which can then lead to sales down the track.

Let me just premisewhat I'm about to say by clarifying what a real page like is.

If you have a businessfan page which is full of likes from your family and friends to support you, they allfeel like they're doing the right thing to support you and build your likes and that'sfantastic.

But they're not a like of "value".

The reason is that they're not your idealcustomer.

They're not the sort of person who is likely to purchase your product or service,unless of course they legitimately are, but I'm talking about just your friends and familywho are there to help you.

If your fan page is full of those sort ofpeople, unfortunately they're not going to help you down the track.

I'll get to thatin a sec.

The other thing, which I'm sure you are not guilty of but it was very biga couple of years ago now, and that is when you filled up your page with purchased likes.

That is when there was black hat marketers going around a couple of years ago like Isaid, offering services to boost your likes where you pay for them.

What was happeningis, they were getting people from all over the world who did not know your business,weren't interested in it in the slightest, to like your page just to grow those likes.

Now as you can imagine, if your page is still full or has some of those in there, they arenot worth a single cent to you because they do not represent anyone who likes your brand,and they do not equal someone who is likely to purchase your product or service.

Therefore, assuming that you don't have anyof those purchased likes, and you do not have too many friends and family members who likeyour page, then everyone else should be an organic like, which are people who have likedyour page simply because they're interested in what you have to offer as a business orat least finding out more information.

When it comes to page likes and sales, likeI said they don't equal sales on their own.

When you think about it, it's stupid to thinkthat you would have a like on your page and then that person automatically then becomesa customer.

I mean, think about all the pages that you've liked on Facebook because you'reinterested in them? That does not mean that you automatically just go, hey I want to buywhat you've got to offer.

It doesn't work that way.

You can't think like that either,you can't think that people on your fan page are going to become an instant sale.

It doesn'twork like that.

The cool thing is, where likes are very important(and this is where people may not quite get it) is that these people are actually warmleads.

They're people who have expressed an interest in your business.

Therefore, usingthe Facebook advertising platform, we can actually target special offers that are goingto appeal to that audience, your fans, a lot more so than cold traffic meaning people whohave not seen your brand, have not liked your Facebook page.

When you target an irresistibleoffer to this audience, they're going to be more likely to take you up on that offer whichwill then lead or perhaps lead to a sale somewhere down the track.

Not immediately, but it thenputs them in that frame of mind of seeing firsthand, or experiencing more about, yourbusiness which then might lead to a sale once you've got them in that sales funnel.

Therefore, as you can see, Facebook likesdo not equal sales but they can lead to sales when you target them using the Facebook advertisingplatform the right way.

That is, presenting them with an irresistible offer which theycannot refuse.

Let me give you a really quick example.

Justsay you have a business where you groom dogs, you have a dog grooming business.

You've gotlots of people who have liked your page organically, because they've seen pictures of dogs, everyoneloves pictures of dogs especially dog owners.

You've posted heaps of things on there aboutthem being groomed and bathed and perhaps some dog shows all that kind of good stuff.

Then, once again, those likes to do not equal sales.

But if you were then to target an offerthrough the Facebook advertising platform, that was shown just to all those people wholike your page, and the offer was say 50% off coupon for your next grooming sessionfor your dog, for example.

Then those people who already are warmed up to you are goingto be more likely to actually download that coupon and get their dog groomed from yourservice, than someone who has never actually seen your grooming business before.

Make sense?I'm sure it does.

To sum up today, I won't go on for much longerbecause I don't want to take up much of your time, but to sum up today, it's all aboutknowing that yes Facebook fans do not equal sales but they are important because theycan lead to sales when you use them the right way.

All right, thank you very much for your timetoday.

I'm going to enjoy the rest of this fantastic Friday here in Melbourne, if youare here as well I hope you do the same thing.

If not, wherever you are in the world, orin Australia, have a great day and I look forward to speaking to you next week.

Okay,see you then, bye.

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