Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Prediction Marketing – Estate Agent Marketing Tips for 2017


Hi I’m Sam Ashdown and in this video I’mgoing to share with you a great way to get you through more doors this year.

Hi, I want to introduce you to something brand new called prediction marketing.

And predictionmarketing could be exactly what you need to get you through more of the doors that youwant to get through.

So prediction marketing can get you through the door first beforeyour competitors which can then make your competitors irrelevant.

It can also positionyou as your vendor and landlords trusted source of information.

So it’s really simple, predictionmarketing just work from 3 steps.

Step 1 is to make sure that you answer yourvendor and landlords Googled questions way before they’re ready to put their propertyon the market for either sales or letting.

So think about what they might be Googlingway earlier in their journey.

It could be that they’re maybe just a vendor and thatthey’re feeling that their house is too small.

So maybe they’re googling thingslike a garden office or loft conversion or some way of making their house feel more organizedand more spacious.

A landlord or potential landlord could be looking at other forms ofinvestments.

So maybe they’re Googling investing in whiskey or wine or art or classic carsor one of the other traditional investment vehicles.

So what are they Googling and whatcould you answer in an intelligent way on your website to make sure they understandthat they can come to you for the advise that they need exactly where they are in theirjourney.

Because step 2 is you’re going to alignyour content and whatever kind of content that is, that’s blog, that’s social mediaupdates, video, written word, even printed information, you’re going to rely on thatcontent with their journey where they are exactly on their journey.

Once you have created the content that they will absolutely love then you go to throughthe process of making sure that you got a system to capture their information and sendout automated emails based on exactly where they are in their journey and how you aregoing to nurture that relationship over time until they’re ready for that market appraisalor for just a phone call with you.

So that’s how prediction marketing can getyou through their doors first, it make your competitors irrelevant and can position youas a trusted source of information wherever they are in that journey.

Hope that helped.

Hope that helps you to get through more doors this year.

Please sendme an email sam@samashdown.


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Really looking forward to hearing from you and I’ll see you onthe next video.

Bye for now.

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