Thursday, June 29th, 2017

How To Make A Great Facebook Live – Network Marketing Success Tips


How to make a great Facebook Live, Hi i'mRod Bukuya here from www.


Com , Have you ever said to yourself, I want tomake a Facebook Live, I want to go on Facebook Live but I'm a little bit nervous about whatto talk about and I don't know how to construct a presentation to be meaningful to my viewers,or on the other hand, have you found yourself on Facebook Live, but all of a sudden, havezero idea of where to go and end up meandering around talking about nothing.

So there's a couple of questions i wantedto answer for people today, because i was challenged by a friend yesterday because Iwas critical about people on Facebook Live meandering and rambling about nothing, sohere goes.

1, tip number 1 introduce yourself, and therestwo tactics to know in this.

You will notice when I started this live,I used the words, how to make a great Facebook Live, and those, that title is the title ofthe video when i've saved it as a live, so when i save it to my you tube channel, it'llhelp my video seo.

so that's the first thing you do, introduce your video introduce yourself,2 ask a question, what topic are you going to talk about in your Facebook Live that'sgoing to be valuable to someone, so, it's instead of jumping on and saying hey, lookat my green sandwich, which has no value to anyone, find a topic, do a little bit of research,on it and the create something that's going to be meaningful to people, then, create somecontent, that answers the primary question, like i am doing here, you know, i had a question,how to make a great Facebook Live, so I've created some content around that and, then4th, just really make a call to action, that is really easy for people to follow, so 4simple steps,hang on, 4 simple steps to help you make a great Facebook Live, introduceyourself, ask a question, provide content around the question, and then create a callto action, and the call to action could be something as simple as, is that valuable toyou? drop me a comment, send me a message, andtell me how i've been able to help, i hope thats been valuable to you guys, have a greatrest of your day, and i'll chat to you soon, alright, bye.

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