Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Easy Tips for Improving Your Local Social Media Marketing Strategy


Social media is an essential component ofmodern online marketing.

Through these sites, customers follow theirfavorite brands and receive additional info about new products or services.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses ignorethe opportunity to use these networking sites for local marketing.

This video will explore a few ways that youcan improve your local marketing efforts through social media.

Social media is all about public conversation.

It gives you the ability to actually connectwith your local market and engage your customers.

You can gain valuable insight through theseinteractions and use these sites to attract more local business.

While you may not use every site available,there are a few sites that remain the most used and should be considered in your marketingplans.

This includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,and Instagram.

Facebook is most used and active social mediasite, with over a billion users.

One mistake that businesses often make withFacebook is focusing on customer acquisition.

Instead, Facebook is more effective for buildingbrand loyalty.

Though, through building loyalty, you canincrease word-of-mouth advertising, from loyal followers sharing posts with friends and family.

So, focus on the content that your existingcustomers will enjoy and the rest will come naturally.

Use posts with visual elements.

Posts that contain videos or photos are morelikely to get shared and liked.

Also, use Facebook to keep your customersinformed.

Post updates about new product releases anduseful tips for using your products or services.

You can also post polls and ask questions.

Ask for input from your followers to buildloyalty with your local market.

Twitter is another great resource for targetinga local market.

Start following local businesses and localinfluencers.

Use the Twitter advanced search feature tofind the Twitter accounts in your area.

As you’re probably aware, too much self-promotioncan turn people off.

You want to balance this with informativeTweets and replies to other Tweets.

There isn’t a specific formula to follow,but a general rule is to divide your Twitter usage into thirds.

One-third of your activity should be linksand self-promotion.

Another third should be Tweets that engageyour local audience, such as discussing current topics in your local area.

The final third should be replies or retweets.

Again, engage local businesses and Twitteraccounts.

Reply to their tweets or retweet some of theirtweets to your followers.

Pinterest isn’t used as often for localmarketing, even though it offers great potential.

To use this site for local marketing, startby finding out what people are pinning.

You should examine pins from content on yourown website, along with pins from content on your competitor’s websites.

Find out what people in your community areinterested in and begin to focus more of your own pins on these areas.

Though, you need to from multiple sources.

Again, you want a portion of your pins tocome from your own site, as self-promotion, while the rest should come from other sources.

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the mostimportant social media sites for businesses looking to connect with their target audience.

Instagram is a highly visually site.

If you want to be effective with your localInstagram marketing efforts, you need to engage followers by including photos or video inyour posts.

If you can incorporate local events, landmarks,or locations, you’ll have a better chance of connecting with local Instagram users.

As a final tip for improving your local socialmedia marketing, make efficient use of hashtags.

All of the sites discussed above allow hashtagsin your posts.

By using local hashtags, such as the nameof your city or state, your posts will be more likely to get noticed by the local market.

By incorporating some of these tips into yourexisting marketing strategy, you can effectively target your local market.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connectwith potential customers or clients in your area.

While social media is a global phenomenon,it’s still a great resource for sharing content with people locally.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

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