Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Best Facebook Marketing Tutorial Ever for 2017!


– Welcome to what I hope will be the best Facebook marketing tutorial ever for you, for 2017.

I'm Jerry Banfield, it's November 20th, 2016.

I'm creating a tutorialhere that I hope will be extremely helpful for youbased on my experience doing these things for myself.

I have a verified Facebook page.

I have over two million likes on Facebook, and my posts have reachedover 768,000 people in the last week for free with the largest part ofthat audience in the US.

I'm going to show you thebest of what I've learned, in more than 10 years ofbeing a user on Facebook, and five years of havingmy business online.

I'm going to show you today, the insides of the bestof what I know how to do with Facebook marketing.

That means not spending anymoney to get my content, my posts, my videos out there for free.

I'm doing a crazy business system now, whether I'm not selling you anything, there's no products, there's no more courses.

What I'm doing is basically trusting.

I'm gonna give you everything I know, as best I can.

And then I'm trusting thatyou will give back to me with what you are able to give back.

So that's what thispatreon.

Com/jerrybanfield is.

I'm asking you if you find this valuable, would you please essentially hire me, for as little as a dollar a month to keep making these videos for you.

Let's get into the very first thing.

That I think is the absolute most powerful in Facebook marketing today.

What is the best Facebookmarketing strategy I know of for 2017? The best Facebook marketingstrategy I know of for 2017, that's working today for me, is live video.

Putting live video upon Facebook is by far the best way I've found todo marketing on Facebook.

And the beauty of it is, you can do it for anything.

Whatever it is.

You can do it anywhere, you can do it on your personal profile, I believe you can do it in groups, and you can do it on your Facebook page.

And it's as easy as picking this up.

And using it.

You can live stream straight on your phone on your personal profile, that's the absolute easiest way to get started with doing this.

I will show you doing it on my page here.

This is where I'm able to reach an incredible amount of people for free, and I'm able to multiply theeffects of my Facebook ads, and I'm able to use these liveposts as an ad if I want to.

I'll start off with threeexamples here for you, of doing this within the last24 hours for the first two, and then one I've usedfor months ago that I did, that I'm still using.

This is on my Facebook page, Jerry Banfield here.

And my main thing isbeing a teacher online.

Doing these tutorials, these are my main valuethat I provide online.

I just play video games for fun, as a hobby, and to help me learn thingsthat I can then teach.

So I put up a video yesterday, playing Call of Duty: ModernWarfare Remastered on Xbox One.

I linked also to Youtube, Twitch and Beam.

And then here's the live video I did.

Now what you'll notice, this reached 192 almost, thousand people on Facebook for free within 24 hours.

The majority of these people reached, do not even like my Facebook page.

They've watched a videoof mine previously.

I do Facebook page posts as ads, if anyone watches some of the video, Facebook then has a chance to put any of my livestreams in their News Feed.

So I've got millions of peoplethat I can potentially reach in a News Feed because I'veshown a lot of video ads, and now when I'm live, these are people who are thenseeing this video of mine in the News Feed, for free, even though they never liked the page.

If I had to pay for this in Facebook ads, this would cost hundreds, if not thousands ofdollars to get this reach, especially in the US, UK, Canada, where this is the primaryplace these are being seen, and it would cost a lotof money to pay for that.

And thankfully the moneyI've paid for it in the past has allowed this to happen.

So this video of me playing, doing my hobby essentially, 5000 views within 24 hours, about 100 likes and hundredsof thousands of people reached.

Now this is a fairly typical post here.

I did one right before it.

The same thing yesterday, just hours before.

Hundreds of thousands of people reached, thousands of views, on this video.

Exact same thing.

Just having fun playing a game.

The best part is, when you actually use thisto do any of your teaching, or any of your business system online, this is incredibly effective.

And I made a presentation based on what people asked me tomake before they said, Jerry would you make tips forstarting a business from zero? I said sure.

I made that exactly here.

This is a tutorial video, a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation.

This now I've combined with ads, and this has reached a lot of people.

But the beauty of it is you'll see, this has reached 88,000 peoplewith almost all of those reached for free.

That reach was done with the live video and the awesome part about this is when people see this and then add then they see all thecomments that came in during the live video and that makes for a really good trustworthy user experience.

This is getting people visit my website.

This is getting shares all of the world.

And its advertising for a really low cost, getting shares, and page likes, and all kinds of comments, and link clicks to my websitefor under a dollar total.

Getting all those thingsfor under a dollar.

Every dollar I spend ishaving a great return in terms of getting this video out there, and getting people learning here with me.

This is the single mostpowerful thing I know in Facebook marketing currently.

There's two main reasons it's powerful.

One, people love live videos.

People love the interactivepart of live videos.

I've got millions of people that have watched my videos online.

And what people consistently say is that they don't care to watchthe prerecorded videos, because they want tointeract with me live.

Now most people watchthe pre-recorded videos, but out of the most enthusiastic fans now they will pretty much only watch live, because they want to talk with me, they want to chat, and they want me to chat back with them.

Live video is somewhat of the highest form of media online right now.

And the amazing thing youcan get started with this, just pick up your smartphone, you can live stream on your page or on your personal profile.

I recommend if you've donelittle with your page, start on your personal profile.

I saw a friend, I haven't seen him in theNews Feed in a long time.

He live streamed his Overwatch game play on his personal Facebook profile and I watched it for several minutes.

That's powerful Facebook marketing, and that's powerful Facebook marketing you can do anywhere in the world.

You can do it for fun with video games, you can do it for serious, with business tutorialsand things like this.

So I'm grateful to have the chance to share this with you today.

I'm doing this first runthrough of this pre-recorded, but I'm planning to actually do this live in the near future also.

So thank you very muchfor watching this today, I hope this tip is valuable here with you, and what I plan to do nextis show you what I think is the most powerful marketingyou can do to start out, outside of live streaming.

What I just showed you, is not that easy to get started with unless you're willing tojust start live streaming right away on your phone.

What I'm going to show you now is the best easy Facebook marketingstrategy that I can think of, and I'm actually doing for 2017.

In fact I'm literally going to do it as a part of makingthis video here for you, and show you live as I gothrough the whole process.

The best easy Facebook marketingstrategy I can think of, for 2017, does not involve any pages.

No groups, nothing fancy.

We're gonna go ultra simple here, with the goal that no matterwho you are or where you're at, you can use this exact strategy exactly as I'm explaining it to you.

This is my personal profile and I recommend you havea good personal profile.

Good meaning loved and attention.

That you've took the time tofill out all your profile, that you've took the timeto put some photos up, that you are being a genuineperson on your profile.

So no fake profiles or games with this.

A real profile that you love and use on a daily or weekly basis.

That's the foundation.

And you really need to haveyour actual friends and family in order to do this also.

So I'm going to assume thatyou've got access to those in order to do this strategy.

Then the strategy, really simple, what I'm doing, so I have the links youcan see to my podcast.

I have just started doingdaily podcast episodes, that I hope are of an inspirational and motivational monologue nature.

My podcast is called Happier People.

My podcast is called Happier People, and what I want to do is getmy friends in the loop on it.

I want my friends to know that hey, I'm doing a podcast every day, you might really enjoythat might help you.

I'm talking about my life.

You might find it interesting.

Instead of just trying to go for ads, and getting all these people I don't know to listen to my podcast, I want to use Facebook marketing, to get the people whoI'm already friends with.

Did you see on my last profile, look, I'm followed by 3000 people.

Where are my friends? I have 924 friends.

If 10% of them listen to my podcast, that would be nearly ahundred listeners a day, or weekly whatever on my podcast.

I do new episodes everyday and if just a fraction of my friends listen to my podcast, that would double my existing audience.

And not only that, but a lot of my friends mightreally enjoy my podcast, because they actually know me.

So here's how I'm going to share it.

Now the key thing is to beable to ask in a nice way.

I've sent a lot of messageson Facebook to my friends asking for things like money, in terms of a Kickstarter project, asking for help.

The very most basic, most powerful Facebook marketingis one to one connections.

No fancy schemes, no funnels.

One to one relationships and connections.

And you do it rightthrough Facebook Messages.

And you do it with the peopleyou are already closest with, and who are already active on Facebook.

This is a two-part systemand I'm going execute it.

And I've already started before this and I'm going to continue doing it, as I do this video here with you.

I'm not asking orsuggesting you do anything that I'm not already doing.

So I've already sent mycousin Alex a message here.

So step one is to figure out exactly how you're going to choosewho to send messages to.

I've got a really simple system, that is completely fair, and helps me maximize my return on time.

Time is the smallest resource you have.

Even if you think youhardly have any money, time you have even less.

You can always trade your time for money, but time you want tofocus and use your energy in a way that's extremely productive.

So, step one is to find thepeople to send the message to.

So what we're going to do, and I'm checking to make surethis is actually recording, figure out who to send messages to.

So here's a really easy system for that.

The biggest waste of timesending messages on Facebook.

I have sent more than10,000 messages on Facebook.

In the time I've been a user.

There have been periods whileI was promoting my business, I've messaged a lot of people every day.

I've sent a lot of Facebook messages.

The biggest waste of time, I'll just say this again.

Don't gonna repeat yourself.

The biggest waste of time, is messaging people who are inactive.

Messaging people whowon't read your messages.

Messaging people whoaren't using Facebook.

That's the biggest waste of time.

Therefore there's one ultrasimple way to fix that.

You message people whoare in your News Feed.

Hello, perfect system.

Message people who are in your News Feed.

And I'm taking the time toshare this with you right now because I already sharedthat the best strategy I think with live streaming, that is good for going big time.

If you want huge reaches.

If you're not doing live streaming or if you want something otherlive streaming this is it.

This right here, nothing else.


One-to-one messages.

How do you decide who to message? Oh look my cousin postedan hour ago on Facebook.

Guess what cuz? I know you're active on Facebook, therefore I know I've got a good shot at you reading my message.

So I already sent my cousin a message.

So if you go over here to this message, I'm glad he didn't reply and send, oh look he's thinking about a reply.

I'm glad he didn't send a reply like F you back or something already.

Oh there, he said okay.


So he just literally repliedto this in real-time.

So I just sent him a message on Facebook, and he replied already.

So that's exactly what we want.

Thanks Alex I didn't planthis out or anything, this just totally happened randomly.

So you send messages to the people who are in your News Feed already.

You know they're active on Facebook and that's the numberone thing you need to do, is send the message tosomeone who's active.

So look, all I have to do now is scroll down, and figure out who to message.

Now here's a quick little tip, if you are trying to sell on Facebook, if you're trying to getclients on Facebook, if you're trying to buildrelationships on Facebook, here's a little power tip, this is how I built my hundreds of clients to get my business started.

I found pages who were advertising, and then I clicked on them, and used the little Messagebutton and sent them a message.

Because out of all the pages on Facebook, those tend to be theones who are more active, who are really interested intheir business on Facebook.

And here's another little tip, if they're spending money, on Facebook ads, they have the ability to spendmoney on other things too.

They have the mindset to spendmoney on other things too.

That's how I grabbedhundreds of customers.

I looked, oh look you're paying for Facebook ads.

Here would you like to pay me some to help you with your Facebook ads.

This same strategy works great for pages.

This is the most powerful strategy I found to get clients online ever.

Direct, focused messages.

But we're not doing that here, I just thought since this has got a lot of information in it, I'd mention that here while it's relevant.

Now my cousin's, I think I've got him on show first.

So he gets to get up in that spot.

Now look I just updated my cover photo, more about this later, but you can see I justupdated my cover photo.

Here let me like my own page status there.

Now next, my friend Michael has got a video here.

So you can see how powerfulvideo is on Facebook, this is appearing towardsthe top of my News Feed.

Well guess what Michael? Michael you will begetting the next message, on this Message system.

So I've already copied andpasted this ahead of time.

It says hey Michael, would you try listeningto my podcast right here and I'll talk more about designingthis message in a minute, to put it simply, I've already written the message and I'll tell you more abouthow to design this in a second.

There we go, I literally just messagedMichael with that right now.

So we're going to close.

And we're going to moveon to the next one.

So this is my friendand wife's friend Jenn.

And they just had, she posts all these babyphotos so I always like them, so probably something.

So now Jenn is my next person to message and then I'm literallyjust going to roll through my News Feed, and message one person after another.

Now what I'll do next, is I'll show you aboutwriting the message.

So here is a girl thatI went to college with.

I haven't talked to her in a long time, so we're going to need alittle bit different message to send to her, than I've sent to my friend that I talk to on a regular basis.

And then same thing for Matt down here.

And then the one personI'm going to skip on this is my friend's wife, because I already askedhim to listen to my podcast and he already is listening to my podcast.

So it doesn't make sense forme to ask his wife directly to listen to my podcast whenhe's already listening to it.

If he thinks it's worthhis wife listening to, if he likes it enoughto tells wife about it, he will then tell his wife about it.

So that way I'm skipping occasionally if I've already asked oneperson like my friend, I've already asked my very closest friends and then now Alex I just asked him, then there's no need toask often their partner, or immediate family members.

So I want to do thiswith the highest impact, but at the same time, occasionally choosesomeone not to send to.

So the next part of thisis to write a message that's more appropriate for someone I haven't talked to in a long time.

Now for Jenn, I see Jenn on a fairly regular basis, and I talk to Jenn.

So what I'm going to do is just send this exact message to Jenn, I'm gonna send the samething I sent to Michael, and then what I'm going to do is just literally change the name.

So I've got it sent over to Jenn here.

So now I've sent Jenn.

Jenn's got the default messagebecause I've communicated and seen her on a fairly regular basis.

But now we need a differentmessage for Ashley here.

We need a message thatwill handle the fact that I haven't talked to hersince I don't even know when.

If you go over to the Message here, and I'll click Message, we've never exchangeda message on Facebook.

Not once in probably eight plus years.

So the next step on thisis to craft a message, that is effective to send.

And now this same basic formatif you want to get clients by messaging Facebook pages, this same basic message format has proven extremely effective for that.

So once you know how to write a message, to one of your friends on Facebook, then you'll be able to alsouse this if you want to try and get clients using this same strategy.

What is the best Facebookmessaging strategy for 2017? I'm going to attempt to giveyou that here right now.

Since I'm recording, it seems like it's a goodtime to talk about this.

This is the messagingstrategy that I've used to get hundreds of clientsall over the world, and that I used to startmy business on Facebook with the help of my friends.

And then I'm using todayto promote my podcast.

So this is an Evernote here.

I'm going to break down everysingle thing in this message, what you're seeing is a short message, that fully communicates thepoint I'm trying to say.

And this message is thenoptimized for friends I have not spoken with in a long time.

Now I have to be honest with you here.

I try and be honest in everything but by saying I have to be honest here, mention something thatI might otherwise omit.

It makes me want to vomit a little bit to consider even doingthis strategy out of fear.

I have 924 friends online.

This is a girl I haven'ttalked to since college.

What if she removes me as a friend? I'm very possessive.

I'm proud of my 924friends I have on Facebook.

I don't want to lose any of them.

So most of the time, in my entire time usingFacebook for 11 years, I would avoid even botheringpeople out of fear they would remove me if I did.

So as you can see if I click Message here I've never sent her anything on Facebook in eight or 10 years ofbeing friends on Facebook.

And there's a lot of other people who fall into this very similar category.

If you understand, to begin with as I am doing now, I would rather have fewer friends, and have deeper relationshipswith the friends I have, than have a bunch offriends I don't talk with.

So this process may causea few people to remove me.

And they might say wellI don't even remember how I added you.

Why are you even my friend? So doing this processmay lose me a few friends and I'm happy with that because I may also get deeper relationships outof the friends I already have.

I would rather that Ashleygoes ahead and removes me, if she sees me asking for a favor and saying I haven'ttalked to him in 10 years, why would he ask me for this favor, this is stupid I'm just gonna remove him.

I don't even want to deal with this.

I would rather her removeme and me take a chance at being more of ameaningful Facebook friend, instead of me just being someone who likes photos here and there, mostly of her children, and then who is just another statistic.

So this, what I'm showing you isbased on this strategy and understanding thathaving deeper relationships with fewer people isusually much more effective, than having a bunch ofsurface relationships.

So this is the mindset I usedto craft this message here.

And the mindset I used tocraft the message is crucial.

Now I figure the world isfilled with other people just like me.

In simpler terms I ameveryone and everything.

So I'm really just talkingto myself right now, which is the truth.

In this room in the sense thatthere's no one in this house.

My dogs might be listeningout in the living room.

I really am talking to myself, you are just a person just like me though.

So I try and craft a messagethat I would want to receive.

So first my name is important, especially if you haven'ttalked to me in 10 years, you might want to show me you customized this message just for me.

Even if you did take thetime to change my name and send it to 15 other people, I'd like to know you at least put the time into my name on here.

So step one, we're going to send thismessage to Ashley first, because I've liked a lot ofpictures of her kids anyway, so I might as well sendthis message to Ashley first because she's first on my News Feed.

She's active on Facebook there's a good chance for reading this.

So I am going to at leastput her name in there, and that way I realize themessage isn't some spam thing that was quickly copied hastily and pasted and sent to a bunch of friends.

That is the worst mostannoying thing you can do and that will absolutely get you removed based on my experience doing exactly that.

I've sent lots of messages like that, and I've got removed by plenty of friends.

924 friends is how many I've had left after a bunch of others have removed me.

I start off with hey Ashley, or hi or you could just say Ashley whatever it is, and then the ask.

We're gonna go straight into me asking for what I want.

Because that's the point of the message.

And I recommend, ask for something free.

I was going to try and dothis for my Patreon page to start with, but it doesn't make sense tomessage very many people and ask them for money.

You got to be a prettyclose friend with me for me to try and ask you for money.

Or some company.

Then I'll just ask you for money, who cares if you say noright if you're a company.

You've got to be a closefriend for me to ask for money.

However it makes sense to askthe friends I have on Facebook that I haven't talked to in a while, to ask them to do somethingthat's totally for free and easy to do and thatthey might already be doing.

So this is what I call a very soft ask.

It's asking for something, there's no sign-up required, there's no payment required, it's a very easy thing to ask for.

It's a very reasonable request and it's one they caneasily say no to as well.

If you ask me to listen to your podcast I'm probably going to say no, because there will probablybe a bunch of other people asking me to listen to their podcast too.

Now I may say yes, but the point is I've asked something that's free and easy to do, and then if they don't want to do it there's nothing in between.

there's no rational reason.

If I ask for money and this is tough, asking for clientsbecause you're basically, if you're sending a message to a client, you're pretty much asking them for money, and that's a tough ask inyour very first message when I don't even know you.

Hey you want to spend severalhundred dollars with me to set a Facebook ad campaign up.

I asked a lot of times and it's amazingly, hundreds of people said yes right away.

I recommend starting withsomething that's much more gentle.

A podcast is totally free.

A podcast if you don't know what it is, it's basically acollection of audio files, that are available to listen to online.

it's kind of like a YouTube for videos.

Podcasts are really simple, they're just audio files, you listen to them and play them.

So they're totally free.

My podcast has no ads.

There's nothing annoying, it's just straight simple.

And it's available oniTunes or Google Play music, which is two huge ways peopleaccess podcasts online, and then it's availabledirectly on my website, where you immediately gothere and just play it.

So the key thing with this whole message, is outright askingdirectly for what you want and making it something thatis easy to access and do.

Because if I try askingfor my Patreon page, that's difficult.

Someone has to spend money, then they might be afraidof putting their billing in.

Someone has to go to some website they probably have never heard of before.

They don't understand the interface.

Exactly what you asked shouldbe as simple as possible and it preferably shouldbe totally for free with no sign-up.

Think about this, you're asking your friends, ask for a small of a favor as possible.

Think about it this way.

If I'm asking you forthis favor right now, are you likely to go listento my podcast right now and give this a try? I'll ask you right now.

Would you try listening to my podcast? And then I'll put the reason on it because I think you might enjoy listening, and I'm making new episodes daily.

Now that's a pretty simple ask right, you go look, you may already listen to podcasts, pretty easy.

Now let's pull up a different banner here.

Now let me try and toask you this instead.

Would you go to my Patreon page and give me money every month? How is that by comparison? Not quite so simple is it? The podcast is a veryeasy thing to ask for so what you're askingfor and here's critical, so think about this ahead of time.

Think in advance as much as you can.

So this is key, and what I try and do isinclude the word because, and I include how they'll feel.

So I've asked would you trylistening to my podcast, that's the key ask, would you try listening my podcast? Then this part of it has linksfor where it actually is, and then this part of it is why.

Because I think you mightenjoy listening to it, ie.

you will feel goodwhen you listening to it, and then and I'm alsomaking new episodes daily.

So it's an organic living thing I'm asking someone to be a part of.

So those are the threeparts on the message.

First the ask, it should be really simple.

If I ask for Patreon I'vegotta go explain a lot.

This is pretty straightforward and simple.

Then where can I do it, and then a little bit of why.

Now when I sent the message to my cousin and my friend Michael, and I sent these messagesto my other friends, this was all I sent, because I'm talkingwith those other friends on a daily if not weekly or monthly basis.

Now for Ashley and for everyone similar, because pretty much everyone else that I'll do this afterwill be the same as Ashley.

I need one other little thing in here.

Why are they getting this message today after 10 years or whateverit is since I added them, why am I sending this message.

If you were trying to solicit clients using Facebook Messages, this part is extremely important.

I recommend the same thing in here ask the client to do something for free, and then explain to themwhy you messaged them, out of all the pages.

What I did, I would say in here exactly the same thing as I've got in here.

Except then a different because.

So here's the key thing.

So I've just asked Ashley in this case or it'll be Matt next, I've asked the person hereto do something for me.

Then I've explained why I'masking them for that today.

And I think I can movethis up a little bit so you can see it.

I put in here I likethis particular phrase, you are seeing this message today because.

This is why I chose tosend them a message.

So people will often get defensive, or just be curious.

So this right here, is likely to prompt curiosity, maybe even before doing anything, they're likely to beprompted into curiosity.

Oh why did Jerry sendme this message today? I answer that.

You are seeing this message today because I just saw yourpost in my News Feed.

This shows exactly howI chose to message them.

And you can see this is all natural, there's no faking, there's no cheating, there's no messing aroundand getting lists of people.

There's a nice simple transparent system.

You're showing up in my News Feed, therefore I thought to message you because you are already showingme stuff in my News Feed, I thought to message you.

And this is really powerful if you try and solicit clients this way, it's very powerful becausethen they understand why you messaged them.

When I say hey I saw yoursponsored post in my News Feed, then it triggers the thingin them of selfishness in the sense theirthinking they might be able to get you as a client, they're more likely toactually read your message and take it seriously.

Woah that was a lot ofwords I just said in a row.

So deep breath and we'll continue here.

So the first thing, qualify why you sent thismessage to start with.

Because I saw your post in the News Feed.

Okay that is a practical reason, you notice I again use the word because to connect two ideas together.

So because I just saw yourpost in the News Feed, A, and now here's the realconnection factor right here, because I think a real friendship grows each time one person asksthe other for a favor.

I've been honest aboutthis and saying that hey, asking you to go listen to something when I haven't talked to you in a while is quite a favor I'm asking.

And I've been upfront aboutthis and I've explained why now.

I think a real friendship grows each time one person asksthe other for a favor.

That's why I'm sharing this with you to do this as a strategy.

I'm encouraging you touse these tools to make deeper friends with thefriends you already have, and you may need to changethis out for your business if you're trying tosolicit clients this way.

You might say something likeI think a great relationship with a client starts by one party asking the other for a favor.

So I've got this entiremessage explained now.

This message is put in context, it's a hi, personal hi, then I'm asking for afavor and explaining why.

Then I've explained why I'mdoing this message here, and I've done both a practical thing, hey you're already in my NewsFeed I thought to contact you, and then I've done over herea more of a belief system and I'm sharing what Iwant out of this message.

What I want is a real friendship.

I want a real friendship where everyone I send this message to feels comfortable asking me for a favor in the future.

So this is the kind of thingyou don't want to obviously spam this for everyone unless you can do hundreds offavors all at once back too.

And then finally I closeit up with this phrase.

I appreciate you reading this and being my friend on Facebook.

So I've got this now explained right here, I've got essentially, then gratitude for themtaking the time reading it.

Now I think this is a message that both clearlycommunicates what I want, and I feel good if theperson removes me as a friend after seeing this message, then that's good, because if someone sees this message and decides to remove me then I don't want to be liking pictures of their kids on Facebook.

That's not a real friend.

If someone sees this message and decides they don't want to befriends with me anymore, I want to know that today.

So I've now went andexplained this message, as deep as I can, so now it's time toactually use this message.

So after looking atthis message for Ashley for however many minutes that was, copy and paste this in here directly, make sure I change the name because yes, I've sent hundreds of messages like this without changing the name.

You're like I know, it didn't ruins the whole strategy I know.

You sent a message toAshley and it says hi Nick.

It ruins the whole thing.

It just destroys it.

And I've done that, I think it's really funny, I've done that with clients.

I'd send one to hi, and I'd say the wrong company name in the beginning of the message.

And yes some peopleliterally replied with F you.

So this message if youdon't do the strategy right can be pretty ugly.

Here's the same storyhere with another friend.

So I've obviously made this message gender and friend neutral.

I can send this one message to anyone, I go up in here and change the name, instead of hey Ashley, it's hey Matt and then whatI do is copy and paste this message in case I lose my place, then what I've got is thelast person I sent it to.

So then I've got hey Matt on here, and I've already checkedthe links before this, that doesn't mean theycouldn't have messed up anyway, so then I've got that now.

I explained to you whyI'm not going to message my friend's wife sinceI already asked him.

He's already listening to the podcast.

I trust him to tell hiswife about it as needed.

And remember if I'm asking for favors, if I'm essentially offering afavor in exchange for a favor, I'd rather ask for as few possible.

Now this is a message here.

Tiffany I have not talkedwith her in quite a while, in fact the last thing I askedher to do was give me money with a failed Kickstarter project.

So clearly it'd be a goodtime to start this thing over, or either maybe she'll decide to remove me after receiving first a message years ago for me to give her money, and now a message from measking to listen to a podcast.

So I change the name up, and hit hi Tiffany for this.

And yes, when you've got allthese hundreds of friends and I already asked Tylerto listen to my podcast and I believe he said somethingalong the lines of no.

So here's another.

I see her, I must've liked 50 of herdog photos in my News Feed.

My News Feed is pretty much all babies and dogs at this point.

So I now and you have to make sure you spell the name right on this, because it just all starts off wrong.

I've spelled so many names wrong.

I mean about every wayI could do it wrong, I've done it wrong.

So now I've tried to put this together.

So I copy that and makesure it's the same, and I send that out.

So now next, a girl I went to high school with, and I haven't talked to herat all through a message so I go back through, I enjoy seeing her posts andthis is the kind of thing like I've been scared toeven talk to her at all, ask how she's doing or anything because afraid she'd remove me off Facebook.

So here we go we're gonnatake a leap of faith, send this message to her, and then thankfully Ispelled her name right.

So there.

Now I've got that done and if I wanted to try and get clients, this would be a good page I would say.

This is that kind of page.

Go for a client, use that Message buttonand send a message there.

There's another photoof Tiffany and her kid.

Go ahead and like that one.

Perfect here's one, my friend Robert.

Now I've got this set up nicely, so that on Robert's case, I already have been communicatingon a semi-regular basis, so I'll actually take this out for Robert, and I'll instead saysomething more relevant.

So if you have communicatedwith the friend, it's nice to say something more relevant.

But I just forgot to do thatthere and sent it anyway.

So next we're moving on.

Chant'l's did somereally good work for me, on getting blog posts on my website.

So I go up here, paste this too and there.

So now I've sent her a message.

Now this is about enough today.

And I've went through andshowed you live actually going through and sending these messages.

Actually I'll go ahead, I'll send one more anotherhigh school friend.

I'll go ahead and send this to her.

So take care to spell the name correctly.

That's the one thing youhave to do on this right.

So there I've sent her the message, and now that's enough.

There's an ad down here andI've today now messaged people who are active in my News Feed.

So I want to stop at this point.

Because if say 20 or 30% ofthese people send messages back, I don't want to get myselfoverloaded with messages at once.

If say a small amount ofpeople flag them as spam, which hopefully the way I've written these will minimize themgetting flagged as spam.

However if you're trying to get clients, you will get them flagged as spam because they don't know you.

I've sent these messages out and away now, that I don't want to gosending anymore today.

These are friends on Facebook, these are not people I'm trying to just get something out of.

These are people I'mreally trying to build a deeper relationship with, so I've done enough today.

It's more powerful to do this strategy a little bit every day, instead of trying to justdo this over and over again, do a hundred messages in one day.

Facebook also has automated filters for sending a bunch of messages.

So I don't want to evenget close to hitting those, so that's enough messagestoday and then what I will do, I will repeat this strategy with more and more people in my News Feed.

That way the people whoare active on Facebook, the people who I am seeingtheir photos in my Facebook, then I will either get a chance to get them listening to my podcast, or have them say no, and then feel comfortable asking for me a favor in the future, or get them to remove me.

So I appreciate you watching.

This is the single most powerful thing I think for doing Facebookmarketing in 2017, outside of live streaming.

If you're not live streaming, you don't want to live stream, or you're already live streamingand want something else, this is it.

Thank you very much for watching this, and I hope this is helpful for you.

Do you want to see howpowerful this strategy is? It's literally been two minutes since I finished that last video.

Now remember what I was saying about all the things that Iput together to strategy.

In the two minutes between when I ended recording the last one, when I tabbed over to Facebook guess what? Two messages, both of these from people I'venot talked with in a while.

Both of them with enthusiasticpositive responses.

I am grateful that I've donethings wrong so many times, to be able to do them in a waythat other people generally, enjoy interacting with.

So if you want some proof that this works, I've sent this message to seven people I haven't talked to in a while, and I sent it to three or four people who I have been talking withon more of a regular basis.

My cousin responded almostimmediately and said okay.

And then of the sevenpeople I sent this to, two of them responded in the positive within five minutes ofme sending the message.

And maybe I'll refresh my friends and find someone removed mewithin five minutes as well.

I don't know but I've found this is an amazing response rate.

To get two people respondingback almost immediately, both saying I'll check it out.

I'm really excited to go forward to continuing one friend at a time, one News Feed post at a time, going through and doingthis message consistently until I've asked as manyfriends as I am able to, to listen to my podcast andthen go forward from there, banking relationships withthose friends on my podcast.

And if they need any favors, they feel comfortable askingme to go try their product, review their book or whatever it is.

Or listen to their podcast orwatch their YouTube videos.

I appreciate you watching this and I'm excited that within five minutes of going forward with this strategy, already great results.

What I hope you've got now, out of what I've shown you, is that the best Facebookmarketing I've ever done, is with my profile.

This might be different fromwhat you've heard other places, it might not.

If you just listen tome it might be the same.

The best I've done iswith my personal profile.

I've had a client in Asia who's paid me hundreds of thousands of dollars to do work with his company.

That our relationship was built through Facebook messages first, and then through email.

I have a client who'san attorney in the US, he's paid me 400 a month for years, to do his ads on Google.

Our relationship was developed first through Facebook messaging, then through phone calls, then through email.

Facebook messaging with my profile is the best Facebookmarketing I've ever done, in terms of time, energy, money, and effort.

I guess some of those overlap.

In your Facebook personal profile, in a very short amount of time you can do very high-impact work, using the exact strategiesthat I've just shown you.

Your Facebook profile is all you need.

It's enough to do greatFacebook marketing.

If you've heard you need a page, you've got to get a group, or you need all these other things, you don't.

You can do amazing thingsjust with your profile, anywhere in the world.

If you use it with a genuineinterest to help other people.

If you use it to try and plot and scheme, and just to make money for yourself, it may not work very good, but I was able to use it for that as well.

Mixed it up with theintent to help people.

The more you focus on helping people with your personal profile, the more you'll see thatit has fantastic power, and mainly the powersto develop relationships through Facebook messaging.

However it may not be obviousthat your personal profile, the first key function it serves is trust.

When you look at my profile, and you look at all thethings I posted on it.

If you look at all the friends I have, you look at what I've written, the thing that I hope comes across, is that I'm a real person.

Cold emailing and coldcalling really stink, because they don't have this aspect.

Cold Facebook messaging, has the ability and hasfor me worked really well, because of this trust aspect.

The personal profileshows I'm a real person and it talks a lot about me.

It's then easier to build up relationships via Facebook messaging.

But also with your personal profile some of the best opportunities you have, are with the friends you already have.

Most of us are programmed tolook outside for opportunities.

In my business, the best help I've gotten has been from my friends and family.

My friends and family helped motivate me to start my business.

They helped set my business up with me.

They helped keep my business alive through giving me motivation, through buying things, through looking at what I was creating.

There's no way I wouldbe here with you today, if my friends and family hadn't helped me so much on Facebook, through Facebook messages.

Not a chance.

When I was trying to start my business, my friends I messaged all of them, and they all ya go for it, and especially my one friend Joseph, he's like definitely, start your business, and he's helped me fromthe very beginning.

I played Xbox with Joseph at the time, we didn't hardly haveany other relationship, and I was able to builda relationship with Joe, to the point where I'veactually met him in person, we each visited each other, we talk on the phone on a regular basis, we've made courses together.

Joseph's earned thousandsof dollars working with me and we're continuing tocollaborate going forward.

That's the best of Facebookmarketing you can do.

Now I've highlighted alot about what you can do with a personal profile already.

One of the things you can do, it's really effective on yourprofile is fill it all out, and keep it updated.

I have a hard time with this sometimes, updating, yes this picture is like six months old, but that's better thanhaving one that's years old.

This profile picture isjust a few weeks old.

So you can see if you goback through my profile, that even though I don't doa whole lot on my personal profile with my page now, I've still got a lot of things going on, I still put a lot of attention.

You can see I'm not fakingabout having this profile.

You can see that this is a real profile, with my real life on it.

You can see all these posts on it.

And the primary function ofyour profile is to build trust.

Building trust is one of the most difficult things you can do, and your personal profilewill help you build trust.

If you then just over time, continually put up new photos, put out new statuses, talk about who you are honestly, share things.

You see on my profile, I shared that I'm an alcoholicand an extra terrestrial.

I think human beings were created from something on some other planet, and mixed up with whateverwas here on this planet.

That's a long story short, that both the Bible andevolution are correct.

That there was creation, mixed with evolution.

So I put things on my profilethat might make me look bad, and yet if you are in the UFOs and aliens, you might see that and get all excited.

If you're not, you might disregard that.

And if you're trying to be impressed, you might look, oh husband and father, that's nice, family member, friend, teacher, student,gamer, alcoholic, and extra-terrestrial, better not fool with him.

Don't wanna be talking to him anymore.

I put stuff on my profilethat will encourage the people I want to talk to me, and discourage the peopleI don't want to talk to me.

I want people who are okay with me being a whole well-rounded person.

Not some perfect, ideal, he's a role model, he's such a perfect husband and father, or not some scum of the earth.

Oh he's just a drunken bum that believes in alienconspiracy theories.

You see I want to present my whole self on my intro on Facebook.

And I think that's the best you can do.

Take the time, put all your work, put where you're from, put where you live.

Fill out your profile, then you have a chance to useyour profile most effectively.

All that being said, I'm going to guess that you want me to show you more about groups, more about pages.

You're going to want me to show you some tools outside ofyour personal profile.

I'm willing to do that as long as based on what you've seen now, you see the power of a personal profile, and that you realize using tools like groups and pagesare much more difficult, and they're full of failure, they're full of thingsnot going how you think they should even when they go well.

I've had my page started out, I tried to sell T-shirts on it, and now I've went throughseveral company pages, all kinds of stupid things have happened with my pages and groups on Facebook.

That has been very challenging.

It's much easier to use your profile, and it's much easier to get great results using your profile.

Now it's possible, if you want to do some things I'm doing, you want millions of peoplewatching your videos, you want hundreds of thousandsof people seeing your posts, yes you're not going to be able to do that off your personal profileunless you're Mark Zuckerberg.

Then maybe you can do thaton your personal profile.

If you want to set up pages and groups, these have some really good upsides, I just want you to knowbefore we go much deeper, the downsides are so bad that hardly anyone ever gets through them.

And you could say I would think on my page that I'm throughmost of the downsides, with of millions of likes, hundreds of thousands ofposts reached each day, you could probably say I'mthrough most of the downsides.

But really I'm not, because one of the biggest downsides to fooling around with Facebookpages and Facebook groups, not even as much the groups, but especially with Facebook pages, you will be drawn into spendingmoney more than likely.

See this little stat on here that someone on YouTubemade sure to hate on.

Oh you're just, I don't trust you becauseyou put this post, you only get two website clicks, you're faking somehow.

Facebook and if that wasyou that posted that, I did kind of mean to make fun of you, I'm sorry about that.

This is a stat Facebook uses to attempt to sell me on Facebook ads.

I mean it looks kind ofridiculous on my page with the 700 and somethousand post clicks, and then there's only two website clicks.

Facebook uses this toattempt to sell me on ads.

Look hardly anyone isgoing to your website, why don't you try promoting your website? Get people you care aboutto visit your website.

This is Facebook's attempt to sell me on spendingmoney on them with ads.

What is this little statistic mean? This means the number of people who went to my About section on my page, and then clicked Go to Website.

Most people only see andinteract with Facebook pages in the News Feed.

So someone yesterday goes and clicks, if someone clicks all of these, that doesn't count in that stat.

If someone watches a video, comes to my Timeline, and goes and clicks 50 different links, goes all over the place, it doesn't count that.

This Website Clicks isjust a specific method Facebook uses to track off the About page.

It could potentially come from here also but not necessarily.

So if you fool around withFacebook groups and pages, you're likely to get intoareas that will demand a bunch of your time anda bunch of your money before you get almost anything back.

While it might be profitable, to try and show you how easy it is, to succeed with Facebook ads and marketing if you'll just buy someone else's product for anywhere from a few dollarsto thousands of dollars, and it'll be real easy if you do that.

It's not.

It's very hard to getFacebook pages and marketing.

Now I could put something together, then make it look like it wasn't.

I could rig this up, make sure to take a screenshot and cut this little Website Clicks out so no one got confused about it.

I could rig something up, then make it look really easy.

Look my page has two million likes.

I'm getting all this post reach in the US.

I can show you all this data.

See look, this will cost me thousands of dollars.

I could rig something upthen make it look easy, to do what I'm doing.

It's not.

I've spent $100,000 onFacebook advertising, on almost all ads for my page.

I saw a client once several years ago who had spent 60,000 on her page, and I thought she was crazy.

I guess that makes me crazy now.

I've spent a ton ofmoney on my Facebook page and that's why I get this post reach now.

The first 20 or 30,000 Ispent on my page were useless.

I mean I might as well havejust drove down the street and threw the money out the window.

The only good thing that came out of it, is I learned how to do better, to the point where I could teach it.

Doing things on Facebook pages is real real real real real difficult.

Now there are some nice practical uses.

For example, if you want to livestream you might as well set up a Facebook Page andlive stream on Facebook.

If you have a local business, you might as well build a page so people can get directions to it.

However, the difference between having a page that is neglected andignored and not well done, versus having a page I guess like mine, where I pay attention to a lot, I put things up on it and people are interactingwith it every day.

There's a gigantic differencebetween the two of those.

Out of all the Facebookpages in the world, there's probably one out ofa thousand that's done well, and 999 pages that are almostcompletely a waste of time.

So all that said, if you're ready to get deeper into Facebook pages and groups, I will show you more aboutthese tools you can use.

I will start with Facebook groups and then go deeper into Facebook pages.

Because Facebook groupsare extremely effective at taking your personalprofile to the next level.

I felt it was importantto mention these things about Facebook pages at this point though, if you just started getting desperate.

Oh my god if he doesn'ttalk about Facebook pages.

So I will go into Facebook pages last.

We'll talk about Facebook groups next.

Facebook groups are extremely powerful for networking and learning.

Facebook groups have helped me a lot with my business online.

I'll explain to you now, more about Facebook groups.

So what are Facebook groups? You go to Facebook.

Com/groups and then you can see for yourself.

You'll see either groupsyou manage on here, and your member of, or you'll see groups that you can join.

Groups essentially are places where personal profiles can hang out.

Groups are kind of like a place you go to, and hang out with your personal profile.

The main power of groups is the ability to show up in your News Feed.

That's the best partabout groups on Facebook.

You consistently will beable to get your group posts into the News Feed with group members.

I have learned a lot with groups.

I've done some awesome things with groups.

So here's the inside of a group that I'm an admin ofwith almost 900 members.

This is a group where weare here to do gaming.

Now I don't use this group much anymore, because I've got so many peoplewho want to game with me, I've had to switch it upto a donation only system.

When I first used this group, this group was really helpful for me to find other people to play Call of Duty: Black Ops Three with.

And people are stillposting in this group today.

The nice thing is, you see this post here.

This post has a goodchance to make it into the News Feed of anypotential group members.

So what you get in a group, you get the ability to addposts specifically in the group, and then these posts goout into the News Feed of some and maybe even all group members.

There's lots of toolsin groups that are nice.

You can create polls, you can have documentsspecific to the group, you can have photo albums, you can have events, you can even sell things within the group.

I'm not sure if you can livestream in the group yet.

You then can look at themembers in the group.

You can have events in the group, like I use this event in the group here, to do the Shadows of EvilEaster egg on Xbox One.

And we finished theEaster egg in this event.

Helped get the Easter egg completed.

And then there's videos that members can post to the groupand there's photos also.

So a group is a nice placeto hang out on Facebook.

It's a great place to makenew connections and learn.

I'll show you some of what I've done with groups as best I can.

The best group I actually participated in, was called the Udemy Studio.

Now I actually havebeen permanently banned and I can't even see theUdemy Studio anymore, because they kicked meoff of the entire website, of what I would say is I wasdoing too much on the website.

I was teaching peoplehow I made all this money on the website.

I was showing all these strategies that they weren't against the policies, but they probably didn'tlike me doing things like telling that hey you justhire a freelancer overseas.

Pay them a few hundred ifnot a few thousand dollars to make a course with you, partner up, throw the course up on Udemy, make some Google ads and there you go, lots of sales.

Not against the policy, but they didn't like that.

So if you do too well somewhere, you may end up getting kicked out.

Not because you've done anythingwrong as much as they just don't want you controllingand dominating things anymore.

If you get to do too well somewhere, it may end up ending things much earlier.

So today I tried to justbe useful and helpful, instead of trying to dominateand take over like a virus.

Which is what I tried to do before.

Long story short though, the Udemy Studio wasthe most helpful group I've been in on Facebook, and you find groups.

So I go over here and search for.

I can see this Udemy Faculty Lounge.

So this is for Udemy Instructors only.

This is very similar to the Udemy Studio, except there's about a tenthof the number of people in it.

What I did, I applied to join group, and then once I was inside the group, I got to connect with allthese people in the group, and then the Udemy Studiostarted to dominate my News Feed.

Out of 80 or 100 posts I counted one week, there were 70 or so posts that were from group membersin the Udemy Studio group.

So what you do when youjoin groups like this, I'm not planning on joining this one, just using it as an example.

When you join a group like this, then you can do really goodfor making connections.

So in here there's lotsof people in this group, that I'm an admin of for my gaming.

A lot of people who have connected and been able to findother people to play with.

And then when you do somethinglike I was talking about, the Udemy Studio group, then if you have a groupof focused people together, you then can learn and grow together.

I saw some posts in the Udemy Studio by an instructor who saidhe was making hundreds of thousands of dollars on Udemy.

And I saw his courses he gaveaway all his courses for free, I took his courses, I looked through them and said, wow I know I can makebetter courses than this and I'm sure I can do whatever he's doing to promote my courses.

I got the exact same results he did.

I made hundreds of thousands of dollars and he mysteriously left the website.

A month or two before Imysteriously left the website.

So Udemy Studio group was sopowerful learning for me that I was literally able to repeatanother person's results, based on what they shared in here.

So if you look at groups as an opportunity as I've mentioned here, for both networking, now this to me seems obvious.

You try and go into a group and network.

If you got some program you're on, you're trying to geteveryone in your program, try and get links to your website.

But this is not so obvious.

Facebook groups are extremelypowerful for learning, because they make it simple to get access to what other people know, and they're often closed private groups.

So if you click on create a group, Facebook will give youthese different options.

You can connect and share, get things done, buy and sell, there's different optionsthat Facebook gives you, so you can get things done and recommends a closed group for this.

Anyone can see the group, as in that Udemy Faculty Lounge, but you can't see the actual posts unless you're part of the group.

And I think that's a really valuable part of being in a group.

So it's just this easy to create a group, and then not be able to go forward and get the benefits of it.

The best groups I've found are ones you could saythey're niche groups, they're ones related to thingsI'm trying to do online.

So I search for that UdemyFaculty Lounge group.

And then you can see even someof the posts people have made outside that are available on friends.

So when you go to lookat a group like this, these are the kind of groupsI've found most powerful.

If you're trying to work online like I've been working online.

If you're trying to bea freelancer online, I think groups related to theexact things you're using.

So I'm not using Udemy anymoreso that wouldn't make sense.

So I could even search for Canva up here, and Facebook puts thingsin however it wants to so.

Make it search for Canva, and then click on groups.

So see now one of the programs I use to design my Facebookpage thumbnail is Canva, so that's a specific thing I'm using.

So if I wanted to getbetter at using Canva, then here's a group forexample I could join called Canva's Inner Circle.

So this is a group where theoretically I could learn to getbetter at using Canva.

So I've never done anyanything with this before, I just randomly searched for it now, in terms of learning about this.

And one way you can find out groups is you'll see what groupsyour friends are in.

You'll notice when I lookedat the Udemy Faculty Lounge, there were a bunch of my friends in that group becausewhile Udemy removed me, many of my friends did not.

So you can see them when yougo to members of the group, you'll see I have these friends, who are in the group here.

So it's helpful if you seea bunch of your friends are in a group, that might be a good indication that that group could be a good place for you to be friends on, or if you don't haveany friends in the group like in this Canva group, I don't have any friendsin this Canva group, so this could be a good place to network.

I think if you're going to do well, the groups though, you really need to have thelearning objective as key.

You want to be able tolearn whatever it is related to what you're doing.

So the Udemy Studio is so powerful for me because I learned a lot from that group.

Top instructors shared their strategies so completely in that group, that I literally copied themand became a top instructor myself until now I'm justanother empty page on Udemy.

So you can learn reallypowerful things in groups, and then instead of browsingyour Facebook News Feed, and just seeing baby pictureslike my News Feed is, baby and dog pictures, you can see some thingsthat are really useful for learning with your business.

The problem is, Facebook groups canhelp you obsess too much over your business.

As you can tell, probably a problem for me, I've experienced obsessingtoo much over my business.

When every time you go to check Facebook, you're getting backinvolved with your business, and your checking Facebookfirst thing in the morning, last thing in the evening, then someone shares some postto get you all pumped up.

Facebook groups can get out of hand if you use them too well.

You can become obsessed with things.

I was obsessed with UdemyStudio the first year or so, the last several monthsthat I was in there, before I left it, I was obsessed over it.

And then I got into a bunch of trouble on Udemy because I got in trouble, I got some of my reviewsremoved and I shared a huge rant in the group about I have simply done what another instructor done that except he had gotten about athousand or maybe 5000 reviews the same way I had, and I shared my disgustthat they go take mine away and not take any of his away, and then I left the groupand caused a big problem, and that all got the snowball rolling of eventually Udemy not likingme and getting rid of me.

So groups have a powerful up and down.

Groups can be very effective.

Now if you join groupsyou're not passionate, you don't care about, that for example if Ijoined a Canva group, I use Canva as a tool, it's not something thatI'm using all the time.

Now Skillshare, I teach on Skillshare, so I joined a Skillsharemastermind before, but I left because I leavegroups if I don't use them, because they put so manyposts in your News Feed.

I think if I was trying toteach full-time on Skillshare, instead of just doing it for free, this'll be a great group to be in and this would be a groupwhere I could learn and grow, out of participating in this group.

Groups have huge upsides but they also can have huge downsides.

Getting into drama, and if I hadn't beena Udemy Studio member, I doubt I would've evergotten all the results I got on Udemy, and the same time Idoubt I would've ended up getting banned on Udemy, and getting a bunch of people that worked there to not like me.

So groups have huge up and huge downsides.

Groups can allow you toreach a lot of people.

This group for Skillshare hasa thousand members right here, and many of them have the chance to see posts in the News Feed.

So for Facebook marketing usingFacebook groups effectively, is one of the most powerfulways to reach new people, and to make your timeon Facebook worth it.

To make your time on Facebook and not simply an exercise inliking baby and dog photos, but to make it aproductive part of learning and building yourbusiness or whatever it is you're trying to do online.

If you join groups and arelooking to just take from them and not give anything, for example, if I join the Skillshare group and just looked to useit to get more students, that likely wouldn't work.

If you join a group with the intent to be a productive group member, like I join Udemy studio to try and learn about Udemy and tryand do better at Udemy.

I didn't join it with the intent upfront to get a bunch of students.

Now I've certainly used it that way, as I went along in there.

I gave all my courses away for free as I saw other instructors were doing.

So these groups can befantastically powerful, but they also can take up aton of your time and energy.

So if you've never joinedgroups or tried them out, I think they're a really goodpart of working on Facebook.

Now today, I'm hardly doing anything with groups, because I have enough going on on my Facebook page.

My Facebook page is afull-time job by itself.

Doing all these thingsI do on my Facebook page takes so much time and effort, I don't fool around with groups.

And then when I go onmy Facebook News Feed, I don't want to see a bunch of things that'll get me thinking about my business.

I just want to go clickon my Home tab here, and see videos my friends share, scroll past the ads, see what my friends are up to, hear what other people are doing, and then see pictures of myfriends out doing things, scroll past ad, and then look, more baby pictures, go ahead and like that, and that's what I wantto see in my News Feed.

So this is how I'm using groups today.

This is some of the experiencesI've got using groups, and I appreciate the time you spent here learning with me about groups.

Now next part go into Facebook pages.

Welcome to the Facebookpages section of this class.

Here's my completesummary of Facebook pages.

Facebook pages allowed top 1% results, with 99% failure.

Facebook pages are very much a tool of the elite so to speak, and it is not easy, it's extremely hard to get yourFacebook page into that 1%.

Yes you can get lucky.

Yes you could just dosomething and it'll take off.


9% of the time I'd saythat's not going to be the case.

I've already said it once in this, I'll make sure to say it again.

I've spent over $100,000advertising my Facebook page.

I've made thousands of posts.

I've spent hundreds ifnot thousands of hours live streaming on my page.

To get the results I'm about to show you.

I have had not one, two, three at least four if not fiveor six Facebook pages.

I am on my last Facebook page now.

My first Facebook page was for my website.

I bought some fake like sporton Fiver and it went nowhere.

I created another pagefor my next company.

And that I got up to overa hundred thousand likes.

I rebranded it and did another page called The 100,000 Likes.

I tried to transition thatto a new company page, I got it stolen in the process.

Someone I added as an insight analyst, in the process of tryingto sell the page to them, was somehow able after Iremoved them from the page, to get restored to the top level admin even though I'd never added them there, they stole my page, changed it, and I would guess they were posting a bunch of nude photos on it, to all my fans and I wouldguess they lost the page and got it taken down after that.


This now is my Facebook page.

It has over 2 million likes.

It is now branded with my name.

All of my pages before werebranded with company names and things like Real Productive Life LLC, the website name, this is the best way I've found, to brand a Facebook page.

Brand it based on you, and don't brand it basedon your real estate or whatever company working with, because you might have tochange that in the future.

I've set my Facebookpage up with the intent I can use it this wayfor the rest of my life.

That I never have to switch pages, that I never have to change my brand out, this can be my Facebook page forever, until I die and thenmaybe the Facebook page goes on for hundred thousandyears until it dies too.

And then I'll have lived 100,000 years because of my Facebook page.

I know that's ridiculous.

The point is, I use my Facebook page, I've got a nice short URL, I can see it's all consistent, and marketing what youwant is consistency.

My whole business, everything I do online isbranded Jerry Banfield.

When I started out my YouTube channel was branded my gamer tag.

Then my company websiteshad all different names.

Then my Facebook page oftendidn't match the company website name because I'd makesome new company website, still be using the old name, then I tried Facebook pagesnamed a 100,000 Likes, got that stolen.

Then I had this was called Banwork LLC, and thankfully I was ableto change both the name, and the little short name for it.

I was able to change bothof those to Jerry Banfield and get it verified, so I didn't lose the 600,000or million likes I had on it.

Now Facebook is minimizing likes, at least as they're visible.

Now I've got 2.

2 millionand here's the amazing thing about pages though.

It doesn't even matter wholikes your page anymore, it matters who's interactingwith it and watching videos.

Even if they don't like the page.

So I'll show you two ofthe things I like the best about my page here in getting started, and I'll go through withyou one step at a time, all the different parts of Facebook pages that I think are worth learning.

The single most powerfultool on Facebook pages is the ability to live stream.

If you run ads for your videosor previous live streams, everyone who sees asfar as I can understand, I can't officially confirm this but according to the insights, this is what it looks like.

It looks like if anyone startsviewing one of my videos anytime I live stream, I can get back in theirNews Feed again for free.

Or potentially.

This is the most powerfultool I've found on Facebook.

It's located right here.

So you go to publishing tools.

You go down to video library.

And then you click live.

This will give you a set of tools that you can use to live stream.

Now all it does is put upa link you have to have your own live streaming software.

So what live streaming software do I use? Well click onJerryBanfield.

Com on Facebook.

I will go over to the resources tab and I will switch that up on the header.

If you want to see whatI use to live stream, I use if you scroll down, I've got all the stuff I usein my business system here.

What is it I use? I use Patreon as my mainbusiness payment system now.

Website domain I use Go Daddy.

WordPress I use Enfold theme.

Live streaming and greenscreen tutorial videos, I'm recording this now onWirecast 7 Pro for Mac, as I'm actually teachingthis on my Windows computer but then I'm capturing the screen with HDMI out into my Mac Pro, which has Wirecast 7 on it.

The software I use is Wirecast.

Now if you want, there are other options.

This is what I use.

So I'll go click on try Wirecast here, and if you do want to buy Wirecast, would you please use my link on here, and then I get a 15% commission on it.

If you're considerateenough to take the time, and that you get the sameprice on it either way.

Wirecast just then thanksme with a commission, based on telling you about it, which I'm doing now because I use it.

I also have an affiliate link on it though because I might as well.

I hardly make anything out of all of my affiliate marketing combined, I should mention that.

This is Wirecast.

It costs $495 to buy.

I think I have the $1000 one and then it costs moneyto upgrade every time.

I have the pro one, because it has some additional features, the added input sources, web streams are helpful andthen so I'm using Wirecast Pro.

And this is availablefor both Windows and Mac.

So whatever you're using, that's what I use to live stream, that's what I use to record this.

So you can use other things.

There are free programs to live stream, that's just what I use becauseI like that it works on Mac, I like the recording tools, I like the interface, how I can easily change things around, I can go left on this if I want, I can blow this up and put my face, my monitors off to the lefton it as I'm controlling it.

So I can move things around effortlessly in real time as I record also, and I think that is why it's so helpful.

So I record on Wirecast, and then all I need to do on Wirecast is set up my output to go to Facebook using the instructionsprovided at this live tab, and then I can live streamanything on this screen.

I can live stream games, I can live stream tutorials, I can record tutorials, everything I do is basedwith now with Wirecast and live streaming orrecording these tutorials.

So this is the single mostpowerful part of Facebook pages.

Because this effort well not effortlessly, this handles putting up all your content.

The most important part of your page is what do you do for someone else.

When people are reading your post, this is the foundation ofwhatever you're doing for them.

So these posts are the foundation of whatever I'm doing for people.

And then as I advertise some things, like none of these videos can be, or I haven't advertisedany of these videos.

And then the videos down here, then some of these have been advertised if you go down far enough, like this QuickBooksself-employed tutorial.

This has been advertised, so this then allows me to advertise in the exact same format, as I live stream.

So this to me is thevery most powerful tool on Facebook today, because it allows you the best chance to get in the News Feed.

I've got my entire reach today, if I scroll up on here, I've got my entire reachin all the insights I'm going to show you, based almost completely on live streaming.

So this post reach isthe most valuable part of having a Facebook page.

The ability to get tons ofpeople to see your posts.

This is very hard to dowith a personal profile, and even in a group youcan get tons of people to see your post, but if you want to reach a lot of people, live streaming videos on Facebook and especially if you combine that with advertising those videos, that's the best way to do it.

Now what I'll do next, I'll show you inside my insights, so you can see more intothe results I'm getting.

Welcome to this Facebookpages insights tutorial here, for use in 2017, created on November 20, 2016.

These are the insights on theinside of my Facebook page, that you might be interested to see.

Here if you take a look, you will see exactly how manypeople my page is reaching, and what exact methodis happening with that.

So what you'll notice, the majority of my page reach is organic.

For free, using the plus live buttonwithin publishing tools and video library.

The majority of it is organic, so if I click on it, it'll show you where that was.

So most of these impressions here, are on this particular day.

This live stream reached183,000 people for free, it got all that engagement for free.

This one 74,000 for free on that same day.

And then on that day also, 50,000 people reached forfree with a post I advertised, or were paid to see mypost and then 1400 organic.

So on that particular day, if I show you yesterday thenI reached over 200,000 people, all of it was for free yesterday.

That was for posts that wereactually published yesterday.

So this shows you forposts that were published by that day how much you reach.

Then these are the reactions I've got.

Now these reactions have turned down a lot because I turned my adsdown a lot right here.

So I cut my paid ads as you can see, there was a larger paid reach here, and then I cut that down.

So as I cut down a lot of the paid ads, I got less results, but also with the live streaming, these big live streaming reach days also brought a lot of reactions.

So the main kind of reactionsare likes on the post.

This is just crazy about 108,000, I don't even know how togetting that in there but, 108,000 reactions on the like here.

And that might countas video views as well.

So you'll see a relatively low rate, given how many people are reached.

A relatively low rate ofpeople hiding all posts, or of people clickingspam or something else.

So this then is the total reach, you'll see most days that I live stream, my page reaches 50 plus thousand people, some days it reaches hundredsof thousands like yesterday, and then most days I have 50 to 100,000 of advertising reach also.

Now the cool thing is, on the insights I'll go downhere and click on people.

Now this is one of the weirdest things that I've seen in doingmy Facebook insights over the last year.

This is one the biggest changes.

I'll show you these are thepeople that like my page.

Now I've gotten so many comments, thousands of nasty commentsabout where my page likes are from.

If you don't discriminate, if you don't discriminate, then wherever the page likesare from is a blessing.

When you see that every personis an equal on this earth, and you don't simply judge them in terms of their dollar value, but you judge them based on their desire to be helped by you, then you see these insightsand they're amazing.

If you simply quickly write off oh well people fromPakistan or Bangladesh, those are just click farms or they're never gonna buy anything.

Neither of those are true.

I have gotten a bunchof sales from Pakistan and even from Bangladesh and Nepal.

Every country on here hasbought something from me.

Now that's amazing.

And I'm grateful so manysales in these countries someone actually paid $1000 an hour to talk to me from Pakistanabout Facebook ads.

These countries all havepeople that are interested in whatever help it isyou can provide them.

I'm grateful I've got somany fans from Pakistan.

Pakistan is the country whereI have the most likes from.

Then Bangladesh and Nepal and Indonesia, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia,Philippines, Morocco, then the US.

Check this out I only have55,000 likes in the US.

Out of 2.

2 million.

Now remember this, in just a minute before you just tune out and think you know everything.

Wait just a minute andlook on this next page I'm going to show you.

So if you're watching from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia,Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia or the Philippines or Morocco, top place I have page likes I'm very grateful for your support here.

You've made this possible.

If you hadn't been a part of liking and watching the videos on my page, there's no way anyone else anywhere would've taken notice for me.

So I'm grateful.

So many young man especiallyin these countries liked my page, my page then was clear prooffor my Facebook teaching that I knew what I wasdoing with Facebook ads, and that's allowed me toreach people everywhere.

Now these are my actual page likes.

You'll notice most everyonedoes speak English on my page.

Now check this out though.

Now keep it remember thisnumber 55,000 page likes from the US.

Now let's go over to people reached.

Now look at this.

Even though I have 55,000 likes in the US, I reached 653,000 people in the US, in the last week.

Actually this is the past28 days here excuse me.

Facebook uses seven days ifyou look at the page here, this is seven days.

And then this is 28 days.

So every 653,000 people in the US in the last week with my posts.

And nearly all of this is been organic because most of the ads I run are global.

I can reach people globally for way less thanspending money in the US.

So almost all of this reach, 653,000 in the US for free.

I'll see if I can zoomin a little bit on that.

So if you notice, I'm reaching people whohaven't liked my page for free in the News Feed.

Now how am I doing that? I think, I don't know, I think it's anyone who has watched one of my videos in a certain time period.

Whenever I go live usingthe publishing tools, whenever I go live Facebookpotentially shows them that I'm watching a video.

I've had lots of people whotold me they saw my live stream because their friend is watching it.

One guy in particular, his girlfriend came on thelive stream looking for him, because she saw on her News Feed that he was watching my live stream.

She came in and commented and said have you seen andthen whatever his name was, and then he popped up in the chat after that saying oh hi yes I'm here.

That was one of the cooler things I've seen happen in my live stream.

That apparently seems tobe how it's happening.

So even though I have spent a lot of money advertising US too, I've shown a lot of video ads in the US for as low as eight cents CPM, yes that means eight cents toshow a thousand people an ad.

Yes, that's with a gaming video, like the live streams I've shown you.

I'm able to reach people for free in the US and all over the world.

You'll notice these countrieswhere I have lots of likes, I'm also reaching a lot of the people who like the page each week too.

And almost every live stream people from these countriesare stopping in to say hi.

I even reached 27,000 peoplein Iraq in the last month.

How cool is that? And some of these I don't evenknow where some of these are.

And I don't even know how to say that.

10,000 people in Vietnam reached, in the last week.

The power of Facebook is just incredible for both local and global reach.

If you do live streams, and if you then partner thatwith either marketing it, or if someone watchesone of your live streams, and shares it with a friend, then potentially every time you go live, you can reach not only theperson themselves who watched, but the friend thatwatched for a minute too.

So if you want viral reach, this is by far the best strategy.

if you want your page tojust get crazy numbers, this live streaming featureis really powerful for that.

and I've seen other people doing live streams on Facebook as well, and I'm guessing that theresults are there for them too.

So this is the very bestof what I've seen working on Facebook in termsof Facebook marketing, especially powerfulwhen combined with ads.

From here I'll show you some more things that will be useful, I hope for running your page on Facebook.

Here's a Facebook pagepost creation tutorial.

This is the best strategy I've found, for both creating posts that work really well to get interaction, and to create ads.

Almost everything I do in Facebook ads is built upon my Facebook marketing.

so I simply take a post onmy page and advertise it.

And that's worked really well for me.

So what I'll do in this isshow you how I make a new post and I'll show you one I'm using to try and make sales on a course.

I'm showing you one that hasa long free tutorial video.

So what you'll see isthe ability in Facebook to go through and hit Photo/Video.

So the very best kinds ofposts I found on Facebook you use this Upload Photo/Video.

You upload a long video tutorial or short preview videoor an explainer video, whatever kind of videoor an entertaining video like a gaming one, a funny video.

Make sure it's your video.

Don't use anyone else's videos.

Yes, you might've seen people doing that and getting away with it.

It's not good to try and do things you won't get away with in the future.

If you've heard anything at all by now, you'll have hear how manythings I've messed up.

Try and do your, just do you.

Make your own videos, and then share them.

So I do that and this video is a collaboration amongthree different people.

My friend Joseph Delgadilloand then my friend Nick.

We've all collaborated togetherto make a Python tutorial, that then sells a Python course.

So this is a two plus hourPython programming preview.

Just like when I went through and showed how to do the messaging before, it's important what kindof actual video you put up.

Put a video out there thatwill either entertain people, make them laugh, or be funny or worth sharing.

Or put something out therethat's helpful to learn from.

What I'm showing in this Python video, is about the same kind of thing you might learn in high school, and the difference isit's completely for free available right now toanyone in the world.

Those tend to be powerfultypes of things to put online.

Putting up a sales video of why someone shouldjoin in with your program, not likely to work that good.

Putting up something sendingpeople to a squeeze page, not likely to work that good.

I know because I'm not sayingit won't work all the time, in every scenario.

I'm saying the best chance you have is to do it this way.

You can do it another way if you want to and testout the results you want.

A wise person learns fromthe mistakes of others.

I've put up lots of videos.

These are the kind thathave worked the best.

The gaming ones also work verygood to get a huge audience, but these work the bestto actually make sales.

These work the best to get people just like you following me.

That is why I want todo all my work online.

Is to be of service to you, just like this.

So this is what I found works the best.

Just putting the information out there.

This video I start offbasically with a sales pitch, of why you should watch thevideo in the first place.

What is the point of watching this video? I go and explain that in-depth.

I show how much moneypeople are making an hour working online as a resultof using the same type of information that Iessentially get people started on using the video, and then if they want to learn more, it's just nine dollarsto take the course then, which is affordable inmost places in the world.

Now what have I done afterI uploaded the video.

So I've got a long tutorial video, which then sells a course.

I have a description here, which includes threedifferent basic parts.

So let's start with the first one.

This is the point of watching the video.

It says Start PythonThree programming today.

It's both the title of the video, in the sense, now I realize Facebook has aseparate category over here, this is the main point of the video.

It's both a call to actionand it explains what it is.

I want people to be able tostart Python Three programming as a result of watching this video.

That's the purpose of the videoand that's what it contains.

So I have a very short, four or five, depending on if you countthree as a number or not, I have a very short basicdescription of the video in these first few words here.

And then what I haveare alternative options to get people watching onYouTube is the second part.

I like because Facebook ads are so cheap, to target to an interestedaudience compared to YouTube, I like to use my Facebook ads if possible to send people over to my YouTube channel.

Because on YouTube I doactually get some money just for people watching it.

Two dollars every time1,000 people watch a video.

So if I get a million viewsI get $2000 in ad revenue.

Anyway, I want people to watch on YouTube because I have a ton of YouTuberemarketing set up then, and for some people theymight not want to watch this two hour tutorial video on Facebook, they might see it and say that's good, and then link clinks to YouTubetend to be really cheap.

Because YouTube is a trusted source.

People know YouTube.

They've been to YouTube.

They've heard of YouTube before.

And some people if they'reinterested in watching this but they don't want towatch it all right now, they'll click over to YouTube, and then when they goon their desktop later they'll go to their watch historyand pull it up on YouTube.

YouTube is my main assetin terms of getting people to watch and learn with me.

So after I introduced the video topic, then I put a link in to send people over to the exact same video on YouTube.

So there's no sales yet.

The first time I'm what it is, the second I'm giving theman alternative to watch, and then third, then I go for the sales at the very end.

So this is a funnelessentially in and of itself.

Most people will onlybe interested in this.

A few people will want to godeeper and watch on YouTube, or watch again later, or it might not work on Facebook, they might go to YouTube, and then for the verymost enthusiastic people, who really are excited about it, then they can go take the fullcourse at JerryBanfield.


But not just that, they can go do all other kindsof things on my website also.

The beauty of this is then, that this is a ready-made ad also.

I now literally just needto duplicate a previous ad, and switch this post out in place of it and switch my targeting.

I've got an ad ready to go.

That's why this is so good, when you do it this way, then you've got a ready-made ad out of it, and then everyone who watches the video can potentially see melive stream again later.

This is an incrediblesystem that I'm showing you how to run the whole thing of it.

So this, these quick introductory lines here, then send people out towherever they want to go, if they enjoy the video.

And then from here thesethings are just to help the video show in differentplaces on Facebook.

So the title is essentially thesame thing as my first line, and then these tags help meto get more organic views.

So if this video gets a lot of views, it'll have a chance to show up for free in various places based on the tags.

And then finally with the thumbnail, I used Canva to make asimple thumbnail format because on Facebook, pretty much the onlything the thumbnail can do is cause you problems.

If you have too much text on it then you can't run it as an ad.

And the default thumbnail pulled something just a random shot from the video.

And then that's got a bunch of text on it, so I put in a custom thumbnailwith one word of text, a picture related to it, and then me.

So if people were seeing myvideos over and over again, they'll recognize my facein the different topics, among many different videos.

So I actually uploaded thisand saved it as a draft.

I switched it over, now it was a draft.

I switched it over to published, and then I hit save and publish here, so this will go out live on YouTube.

Where am I? I'm at home.

My feet are on the ground.

We're doing a Facebookmarketing tutorial here okay.

So now this is available on Facebook, I clicked the links to make sure it works, so this goes directly tothe video over on YouTube, click this to make sure it works, and this goes straightover to my website then.

So I've got this set up now and then I shall go ahead and like it, give it the first like, and now this is ready to go, both out to my existing audience, all those people I justshowed you on the insights, who are primarily watchingfor my tutorial videos.

This video is out for them now, it's two hours of tutorials that they may not be able to learnin school where they're at.

They've got it right here for free.

You can see I start off in the video.

Over here I think I needto pause the audio on it.

There, you can see I start offin the video explaining basically selling people on whythe video is worth watching.

I show them what the video contains, and then Nick goes in, actually doing the programmingtutorial with Python.

And then at the end of the video, I explain to them moreabout what I'm doing.

So this video is a collaboration among three different people, to get really helpful content out there to the people that need it, and then to maybe make somemoney for us in the process, so that we can keep doing the same thing.

So this is the mostpowerful method I found, of creating individual posts on Facebook, and then essentially when I live stream I just use the exact same format.

So these live streams you'll notice, I'll scroll down here, the live streams are essentiallycreated very much the same.

The only difference is, I include on the live streams links to go watch my livestream on other websites.

So that way you'll see thereach goes out so much, even 5000 people watch thelive stream on Facebook, but lots of people cameto watch on YouTube, Twitch, and I think someone even came to Beam.

So my live streams are basicallycreated the exact same way.

So this is an awesome set up because I now have a perfectpost to use for an ad.

I can literally set thisfor website conversions on here now and optimize it, by people who actually go to my website.

So I can target this worldwide, optimize it by people to go to my website, and allow Facebook to use all of its data to figure out what kindof person it thinks will go to my website.

So this is a beautiful systemfor creating posts on a page.

And this a nice thing in the page you can't do very well in agroup or on a personal profile.

So if you're willing to put the effort in to get to the point ofbeing able to do this, you can get some reallygood results from it.

I appreciate you watching this tutorial, and hope it's helpful for you.

I appreciate you going throughso much of this with me.

We're wrapping up towards the end now.

One of the last things I'm going to cover are the profile and coverphotos for your Facebook page.

And you can use this alsofor your personal profile as desired or for a group as well.

These details have changed recently, as Facebook has moved things around.

So this is an updated tutorialthat I hope will show you exactly how I've made my cover photo, and give you some optionsfor making your cover photo.

Here's my Facebook page withmy profile picture on the left, and then my cover photo right here.

On the profile picture Ihave messed around with different profile pictures, and my goal on the profilepicture is to give someone a piece of what they canexpect in every video.

You've got my face onevery video like this, it makes sense to just stickthat up as my profile photo.

Because then it's consistentwith everything else, and that's real.

That's me.

I tried an illustrated version, people like the actual picture better.

So what I did, I simply took a picturefrom one of my green screens with no background on it, and stuck that up there using Wirecast.

Then I used Camtasia tocapture a frame from it, and then I uploaded that as the photo.

I cropped it into what you can see here which then is just a picture of my face.

So I think if you'rebranding a Facebook page, the way I suggested, just putting one with a simplepicture of just your face up there like that as I'vedone is a great way to do it, because then when itshows up in the News Feed, it'll come with your facein a recognizable size and a recognizable face, It should help you with consistency, getting people to know that's you again.

So I've done that.

A simple, there's nothing fancy I have to do.

Don't have to hire anyone, just get a pictureagainst my green screen.

Now you could do this, get someone to take a pictureof you wherever you want, just an isolated picture ofyour face and put that up there.

I think that's a easy way to do a good enoughFacebook profile picture.

Now the cover photo isfor business so to speak.

The profile picture is me.

The cover photo is to get people involved.

And to show people how to get involved.

So I'll do this in acouple of different parts.

I'll show you exactly myphilosophy for designing this, and then I'll show you howI've actually designed this and how you can design this yourself.

And this is new, the profile photo used tocover a part of the page.

It does not anymore.

It does not cover up the page anymore.

I'll show you what this looks like.

So here's what it looks like on mobile.

It does not cover thepage up on mobile either.

So if you've seen oldtutorials for cover photos, don't put the face blocking it.

So this is what my pagelooks like on mobile, and the nice thing about this, it encourages people ifthey want to see my website, or YouTube channel to thenclick on the photo itself, to read more about it.

So on mobile, I've optimized it to focus on the center.

So this page is designedto put these key elements in the middle.

So even on a mobile device, they're clearly recognizable.

So you might ask, okay what did you do here, what are you doing with this? I talked with what iscalled a YouTube expert at YouTube headquarters in California about my YouTube channel.

They recommended on YouTube, I use the cover photo to tell people when I'm going to be live.

I've told you over and overagain the importance of live streaming for doingexceptional Facebook marketing, therefore it makes sense totell people who visit my page immediately when I'm live.

Right? If I'm doing all these live streams, I've got a schedule now when I'm live and therefore the mainthing I want to communicate with my title cover photohere is when I'm live.

So if someone comes to mypage for the first time, and is interested in seeing me live, then they've got datesand times and events, in a really simple format.

So they can immediatelyunderstand where I'm live.

Oh okay he's live on Leagueof Legends Monday at 6 PM PlayStation on Wednesday at 6 PM, and Xbox on Saturday.

These are things then as yousee as my global audience, I want to communicate thesethings in a simple format, that makes a clearcommunication of what I'm doing.

So this took a lot ofthinking essentially for me to kind of figure outhow I wanted to do this.

So this is the best I've come up with.

To use as many symbolsand graphics as possible, to use the least amount of text possible to communicate this.

And I originally designedit in a different format.

What I did seeing how the mobile part cuts off the far right andfar left of the thumbnail, I put my daily tutorial videosover here on the far right, so if you're on mobile, you won't see that, you just see my live streaming schedule, unless you click on it andthen you'll be able to see it.

And then I've got my timezone listed over here.

So people should see with the little, they should be motivated to click and then this shows my time zone.

So I'm in Florida.

If you're from the US orif you're from Florida or many other places in the world you might recognize this is Florida, and you might recognize this time here, as my GMT or UTC time zone.

So anywhere in the worldyou should be able to figure out relative to where I am, what time I will belive in your time zone.

So for example I think inLondon it is zero is where, I think it's Greenwich Meridian time, is centered at.

So if you see this and you're in London, you see this -5 here, you should be able to calculateokay he's gonna be live at 11 PM my time on Wednesday and Monday, and then he'll be live atsix my time on Saturday.

And he's doing thesenew tutorials every day.

So I've got this up here, these are tools tocommunicate when I'm live.

Think about watching a TV show, would you watch a TV show likea football game or something if you didn't know whattime it was going to be on? That'd make it difficult.

So if you're not live streaming, the covers a good place to give people in as simple terms as possible an expectation of whatthey should be getting in terms of value out of your page.

So one of the big valuesof my Facebook page, are my live streams.

My live streams are some ofthe primary value I give.

And that's why all thesepeople are visiting my page.

People are watching theselive streams I'm doing.

And even if people aren't interested in the games I'm playing, You'll see the comments, a bunch of people just come by to say hi.

They just say hi Jerry, how are you doing today? What are you up to? And they watch for a littlebit just to say hi with me, it's kind of like stopping in, see how I'm doing and then head out.

So if you're live streaming, I think this is a good format.

If you're not live streaming, use this space, I think to give people anidea of what to expect.

What is your page going to do for them? And try and do it as much as possible, and graphics, and as little as possible in text.

Now what I've also done, I realize there will be some people who want to go to my website, or maybe view on YouTube, I want to have that available for them.

Now I've done a nice thing on mobile here, I didn't do this on purpose it just came out like this and I like it.

And now I'm rationalizingit after the fact.

It has a dot com down here so you can see if peoplewant to see my website, they can actually see it here.

They should be motivated thento click on the cover photo and look and see what my website is.

So I've got a little teaseron here for my website, and then when you look at the full folder, you can see my websiteand YouTube channel.

So if you saw a Facebookad but you don't usually like watching videos on Facebook, you might see I have a website and a YouTube channel togo to on here as well.

So this allows my coverphoto to communicate in as few words as possible all the relevant thingsthat I want you to know.

I want you to know when I'm live, so you can come interact with me, even if you don't care aboutthe game you can come say hi.

I want you to know I'mmaking daily tutorial videos, that I hope provide theequivalent of a diploma for free.

I want you to know where I'm from.

I live in Florida andwhere my time zone is relative to yours, I want you to know about mywebsite and YouTube channel.

So in my cover I've got everything I want you to know upfront in the cover.

Now the next part of this you might ask, how do I actually design it? Why have you been puttingthat resources banner up there the whole time? When you use my resources page, it shows you what I've done, what I've used to design this cover image.

So I'll show you how I'vedesigned this cover image, so that you can makesomething similar to this, easily yourself withouthaving to hire anyone.

In this video I'm going to show you what I used to do a cover photo in terms of graphic designfor my Facebook page.

I am really happy I found Canva.

Com, it's made it really easyto do a cover photo now.

It's so much simplerthan what I did before, it's totally free to use, unless you want to add some stock photos like I've done and thenthey're just a dollar apiece.

It's so simple, then you know you've got your copyright.

So you can find everythingI use in my business at JerryBanfield.


I try and keep this updated.

You can see my business systemI've got here on Patreon.

My website host, which I think I've madea total of like $50 for putting this up there.

So my primary value ofthis is to be useful, and then if it makeslittle bit of money great.

So I've got my WordPress theme, I got Wirecast, I used Camtasia forscreen capture tutorials, and then I've got this littlegraphic design tab right here.

And Canva doesn't haveany affiliate program, so I don't make any moneyfor telling you this.

This is strictly up here to help you have an easier time than I did learning how to make good cover photos.

So what I use is Canva.

Comto quickly do my own design.

I've got the current coverphoto size right here, 328 wide by 315 pixels high.

And I've got the samething up for YouTube.

So what you do you click try Canva, and then you'll go over here and you'll see my previous design.

So the nice thing is, on Canva you've got, they already have aready-made Facebook cover you can see right up here in the middle, it's got a ready-made Facebook cover.

I can literally just clickon this and then get started.

Now unfortunately, Canva still has the oldprofile here in the old format.

It doesn't use this format anymore, so what I recommend usethe custom dimensions, what 28 by whatever it is on here, 315.

You use the these custom dimensions and then you click design andnow you have a full screen.

And this is automaticallyin the right size then.

So if you want to add text to this, then you just go down to text, you click add heading and then you can saywhatever you want to in here, then you can move it around, you can adjust the font size, make it really small or youcan make it really huge.

And move it around how ever you want to.

Then you can change thecolor that easily there.

so I've got that doneand all this is free, unless you need a stock photo.

If you've got your own photos, you can hit upload.

So you can see these beautifulpictures of my face on here.

I can then I've already uploaded these so I throw this pictureon my face on here, and there we go.

That's not the cover I'm going to use but you can see how easy it isto put these things together.

Canva then has these purple lines, that it uses to try andline things up for you.

So it tries to match up for here, it centers Hi on my eyebrows, you can use the purple linesto dead center it on the page, and then if you lose it like that, you can go to arrange andpush it back in there.

So that puts it behind.

So I've got all thesedifferent images I've used, I can upload if I prefer to use this one, I can use that on it.

You can take different logos if you want.

I recommend sticking to things you're very comfortable with on copyright, just for your own peaceof mind if anything.

So what I've got is allthese different things I can use on here, and in addition to this, what's really nice about Canva, Canva then you can search.

So I didn't have anything thatI was able to use on Canva, to get these.

So I'll show you the actualcover photo I used here.

So this is the actual cover photo I used.

I put text in over here, I took the League of Legends logo because I couldn't find anything on Canva, and then what I did for the rest of these, I typed in up here for example Florida.

I searched for Florida, and then I clicked on this tobring over this Florida photo, and then I shrunk it downto the size I wanted, and moved it over into position.

Same thing on these days of the week.

I then searched for Monday, I saw this on Mondaycalendar icon come up, I put this in for Monday then, and then I did the same thingI searched for Wednesday, and I took the same thingfrom Wednesday over here.

I searched for Saturdayand took the Saturday, and then I went through on the brand, so after I went and found this over here, then I clicked on this ID, and this takes you to the actual here.

Now it shows you the pricing, so using this is a dollar.

And then if you just want to view by this particular publisher, you can search for brand andthen calendar for example, and then this one publisherhas all these different things in the same format then.

So if you like the way this looks but you only are doing once a month, you can find an exactcalendar day to put on here.

And what I wanted is this image so it was hard to find that directly.

But what I did I just browsed through here until I found this little icon, put it on there so nowthat's in the same format as the others to communicatesomething different.

So I did the same thing on that, I went all the way through here and then I searched for Xbox over here and I grabbed the Xbox symbolthat you see right here.

I put that over there.

I searched for PlayStationand grabbed the PlayStation symbol here and stuck that there.

And then I searched forsomething like diploma, and grabbed the diplomathat I found right here and put that over there.

And then I searched for minusfive or something like that, and I found a minus five graphic that I used in here for the time zone.

So that's how I built this entire cover, and then when I did I put allthese pieces of text in here, and I used the purplelines to line them up so that they're lined up pretty well.

Now sure, this isn't absolutelyperfectly graphic design.

I'm sure a full-time graphic designer could critique one thing after another that I could do better.

It's functional, it works well and it didn'ttake me very long to make.

Now all I do to get it, I then put the name in and Igo over here to click Download.

And it's cool if you'remaking a presentation, you can use transparentbackground which is really nice.

I click download, and then it charged me like five or $10 for all these stock images I used, but then I've got the right to use those, so I don't have to worry about copyright, I know where I can edit these.

So if I need to go back anddo different days of the week in the future, I just come back to this.

I could switch times, I can switch these out.

Now you have to pay to use them again, it's only for 24 hoursthat you can edit it.

But it's a really cheap and simple way.

Now you don't have to use these, you can do whatever you want.

I recommend if you want to have confidence you have the copyright allfigured out and everything, use the stock images and pay for them.

You can always just uploadall of your own images in here and if anything goes wrong you can deal with the consequences.

So you can do all ofthis for free on Canva, or you can pay for thestock images the way I did.

So I've used Canva then to makethis cover photo on my page.

And then one littletrick I did with it too, I went through and editedthe cover photo here, because if you clickon the cover photo on, then you're likely to see all the text I've written next to it.

So if you click on it, then I want people to seewhat I mean in writing.

So if someone does get interestedenough to click on this, I want them actually know, oh okay what does he mean byall these symbols on here.

Oh he means he has free tutorialvideos everyday on YouTube.

He's up on Twitch and Beam also okay.

Oh and his League of Legends streams are live from six PM Eastern and nine PM.

Okay that's what he meansby this this right here.

And then this is how I play with him.

So after putting the new cover photo up, I then edited the cover photo, so it's got all the information that I want people to see on it.

So when someone clickseither on mobile or desktop, they see the full photo.

They see all the text that goes with it.

So this to me is the most effective way to do the cover photo on Facebook.

In terms of communicatingwhat you have to say.

Doing it in a fairly concise and symbolic format forpeople anywhere in the world.

And then getting thepeople who are interested in what they see to click on it and then read more in details.

So you obviously can customize this any kind of way you want to.

And then I'm just didthis cover photo today and knowing I was going to teach this, I had a picture of my daughterup and was essentially not doing anything to communicate the value of my page or my schedule.

So I was just motivated tochange and update this today, to teach this class.

So I hope this class has providedsomething useful for you, in the same regards today.

I would love to know about it.

Whatever you've learned from this video, would you please share it with me.

To help me see how you'veused this video today.

Thank you very much forfinishing this video.

I'm amazed you've watchedso much of this video because there wereprobably thousands if not 50 or hundred thousand otherpeople watching along with you.

Over time obviouslynot from the first day, but over the year or sothis has been watched.

There's so many peoplewho watched it before you who just dropped off beforethey made it to this point.

I'm honored you've spentso much time with me.

What I'm trying to do iscreate tutorial videos like this for you on a daily basis.

So that you can get a completeprofessional education with me for free online.

You never have to buyanymore of my products, or anymore of my courses.

I've transitioned from locking up everything I do behind money, to just giving everythingaway for free Wikipedia style.

And the main place I do thisis on my YouTube channel.

To me that's the easiest place to access all these things I create.

So if you're watching this on YouTube, would you please subscribe on YouTube.

Would you help me reach250,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Because then I'll beable to more effectively reach you with the new tutorials I make.

Now you might be wondering, how do you make any moneydoing things like this? You're just giving awayeverything you know for free.

How do you charge ifyou're not putting things into paid products anymore? Well I still do have some books on Amazon and I still have some books on Audible, these make a few hundred dollars a month.

So not exactly enoughto sustain a business.

On my website I've got coursesthat I'm still selling, but again these I am switching to a model where I completely do everything for free.

So I'm not making any new courses and when I hit enough on Patreon, which I would say wouldbe about $10,000 a month, I actually will not allow people to buy anymore of mycourses on my website.

If I'm selling them forsomeone else I will.

But like this course, I have a Facebook ads andmarketing course on my website, why would you need to get this? You just got a newer version of it.

So I'm transitioning away from paying, having you pay anything.

I don't ever want to have to ask you to buy another product from me again.

But I still do need to make money, enough to have my business survive online.

So I'm taking a leapof faith here with you, I'm acting as if I have themoney I need to do this.

Right now I'll go out of business if things stay the way they are.

I'm taking a big leap of faith with you that me doing the right thing, just giving you everythingI know for free, that you will then giveback however you're able to.

The most effective wayfor you to give back, is to become a patronusing this orange button on patreon.


The link you see up on top.

You essentially and I'll ask you, would you please use this, to essentially hire me to make more videos like this for you each month.

Instead of me relentlesslyselling you book after book.

I have turned out 30 plus courses depending on how you count things.

I've been in more than 70 online courses.

I've made 10 plus audio books, maybe it's five, I don't know I've madea bunch of audio books in a relatively short time.

I have 12 plus books on Amazon.

I crank out things, a ton of things and I literallyend up having to sell things to you every week as I make new courses.

So what I'm hoping to do, never have to sell you anything again.

Hire me to work for you.

As little as a dollar a monthis fantastically helpful.

If you give more than that, there's ways you will get rewarded for giving more than that.

Based on how much you are contributing.

So what I'm hoping to do, is just essentially get crowd hired.

By right now I'm grateful I'mgetting $1098 a month already, and I just started puttingmy whole business into this this month.

What I'm hoping to do iseffectively get crowd hired, to just do everything for free.

No more products.

And then if for every 999people who watch it for free and don't give anything, if you are the oneperson out of a thousand, that goes through and becomes a patron, then you'll enable me to continue giving to all the other people, who either aren't available, they can't pay because they have no money, or they can't pay because they can't get the money they have.

Often in another country, they can't even get their money in a way they can spend it online, at least to buy my courses and products, or to buy other products and courses.

Or they've been programmed that you can't spend moneyin order to learn things.

So when you help out with this, you're helping a lot ofother people who are probably in a position to greatlybenefit from this.

So I really appreciateyour help with this.

I was going to just start doing this once I hit 10,000 a month, but I realized I'm goingto act as if I've already hit 10,000 a month andjust everything I knew, completely for free.

I did this last yearin my Facebook course, and while 40 or so thousand people saw all the things in the course, I'd rather give it to you for free and have a chance at hundredsof thousands of people to see this instead of people paying me to make things online.

Now I'll show you about the rewards.

You may be really interestedin the actual rewards.

So what you see, is when you become a patron, it'll give you a chanceto choose a reward.

So I'll click on this button, and show you what it looks like here.

What it does, it will then give youthese reward options here, and then what you want to go down and do is edit your reward.

So I'll show you the rewardsyou can get on the right side.

So if you pledge $10 or more a month, which I'm grateful 10people of already signed up within the last three weeks at this level, I'll give you all the paidcourses I've created for free.

So all these on my website and I'm charging nine dollars each, I'll just give you all of them for free.

Now there maybe one or two missing, that are someone else's courses.

Like if I collaborated with a third-party to sell their course on my website, I'm not sure.

In all cases that they'll agree that I can let you have itfor free on Patreon too, I'll give you as many as I can.

All of the ones I'mthe primary instructor.

All of the ones I paid to create, like this hacking courseI paid to create this.

Paid to create this Wireshark course.

So you get 30 plus coursesfor free immediately.

For $10 a month.

Now the rewards continueto get I think more cool.

If you give 25 or more a month, I will personally thankyou in at least one video.

So for this video I'mthanking Michael Garrard.

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Michael's bought a bunchof my Udemy courses.

I'm honored Michaelwas the first supporter at the $25 shout out option, so Michael Garrard thank you very much for being a patron today.

At the $50 or more per month and all of these are subject to change.

You may see this and itmay be completely different by the time you see it based on what the peoplebefore you have done.

Whatever you see on the Patreonpage itself is valid today.

If you get $50 or more, I will make a new video foryou specifically every month, now nothing nasty of course.

I will make a new video basedon what you want me to do.

If you say Jerry I wantyou to make a video on Facebook lead ads.

Why have you not made one of those yet? $50 or more a month, send me a message on Patreon, tell me what you want meto make and I'll make it.

I'm grateful to Jordan Arsenault, who is the first to pledge atthe $50 more a month level.

Jordan was a member ofmy mastermind group.

One of the first few members of it, and I've talked withhim and worked with him.

I talk with him every week now.

We're friends.

We've helped each other alot in our online business.

A new thing I'm doing, I just started this a day or two ago.

After many people haverequested I make a mastermind, I'm starting a new onlinebusiness mastermind.

One of the most helpful things I've found is to talk with people every week, over and over again, and to see all the things wego through in our business.

It helps to get perspective.

It helps really well for learning.

So I'm doing an onlinebusiness mastermind.

I just started this.

The price goes up $25 foreach new mastermind member.

So at the time I'm recording this, I've hardly told anyone about it yet.

It's very much an early release.

By the time you see itthe cost to join it, it will be higher $25 foreach person who's joined.

Or if no one joins I mightjust cut that one out entirely.

Most of the things I do fail, it's just the things I do well I keep doing over and over again.

So the cost per month will be based on how many members are in the mastermind.

So I'm rewarding people who join early.

I'm doing one call everymonth with mastermind members.

I will try to do them at each time, based on the exact members.

And my availability.

So if there's just one member, we'll probably have the callat the same time every week, and I'll meet that member online.

If there's two, three, five, ten, I'll try and get witheveryone individually, find one meeting time thatworks the most for each member, and try and coordinate thosetogether as much as possible and then I'll make the meetings every week at different times based on that.

So one meeting maybe atthree PM my time one week, might be at six PM another, might be at nine in themorning the next week.

To try and give everyonea chance to participate.

And then everyone in the group will be able to network together also.

I've found that networking online is the most valuable part of my business.

Most of these courses you see, a lot of the sales you're here with me because I've networked with other people to make things that I couldnever have created on my own, and many of the thingsI've collaborated on have been my best videos.

Just look on YouTube.

My two and a half million view video here, I collaborated with Herman.

My 500,000 view video hereI collaborated with Hector.

On this adwares tutorial Iactually did this one solo.

And then on this Linux tutorialI collaborated with Herman.

On this with Herman, this with Herman and then thesetwo Facebook ones by myself.

So the mastermind I'm excited about.

If you prefer one-on-one, give the monthly call a try.

And then if you want service, if you want me to help you.

If you want my company tohelp you with your Facebook, or Google ad campaigns, get the reward for thead campaign service.

This will continue to go up asmore people request service.

And then if you really want to work, and do everything you can with me, I've got a one partner spot available for someone that I would planto work and plan what I do around promoting younaturally in everything I do.

So I'm thinking if you'realready on my resources page, as a company that I'm already using, I'm thinking that's the bestopportunity to be a partner, but I have an open mind.

So when you click become a patron today, you'll be able to help with this.

If you buy anything on my website, if you use any of the affiliate links, if you want to schedule a one-on-one call, if you want to listen toany of the books on Audible, if you want to listen to my podcast, totally for free makingnew episodes every week, all of these things arewhat you can do to help me.

And I've made this video ona leap of faith here with you that when I tell youabout all these things, if you're able and willing, you'll go forward and help me.

And if not that's okay, then I've set it up there'sprobably someone else who will.

So thank you very muchtoday for watching this, I hope this has been agood use of your time.

If you've enjoyed this, would you please sharethis with someone else who might be trying to learnthe same thing as you are and not realize this video is out there describing all of these things for free.

Thank you and have a great day today.

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