Thursday, June 29th, 2017

5 Tips For Posting On Facebook About Network Marketing!


hey whats up guys Kody Sell here and today i'm going to give you guys five tips about what to post on your Facebook to help you recruit for your team tip number one do not spend your facebook wall with post about your company or product or service for nobody cares ok but this one I want you guys to think imagine your head why people get on facebook why does facebook work-wise everybody on it what did they use it for do you think that people when they get on their Facebook and are scrolling on our new speed want to be sold the answer is no course not they don't want to see those posts you don't care about your potions in your lotions and your services they don't want to be educated on how to make money online care is going to go about their day check up on the friends and see how to do it and i know i get that some companies tell their reps to promote certain content on their Facebook right make this post about working 9-5 make this post about financial freedom right I get that some companies do that if you want to do that works for you by all means go right ahead okay I'm just saying that for the average person that kind of content is not going to attract your audience to you it's going to repel them and what you're trying to do is attract people to you all right number for the number 2 tip I have for you guys is not to post the name of your company anywhere no we're not even proposed on any of your pictures okay the reason for this is that the biggest mistake I see these new guys making especially when they come into industry but even some of the experienced ones is that they brand their company or their team on social media instead of themselves ok and what you're doing when you do that is you're giving your audience you're giving your friends the opportunity to prejudge whatever it is you're doing on top of that network marketing companies have a bad rep in general ok so if you're in network marketing you're trying to recruit on facebook the last thing you want to do is give someone the tools that they need to go online look at your company and make a prejudgment so the culture of your facebook profile pretty much needs to be I you are mysterious okay you're clearly doing something extraordinary right but you don't want people to know exactly what that is ok you want people to ask themselves hey what is Bob doing what is why is he doing that that's so cool right you want people to ask themselves so that they eventually pop into your inbox and ask you what you're doing and at that point you can tell them also and this is a side note most people in network marketing ok almost everyone will be in multiple companies throughout their journey ok so i know that your company is the best company that's ever been invented and nothing can ever compare to it you're gonna be a millionaire in the next few weeks okay but to avoid that awkward conversation six months down the line or two years down the line ok you don't want to be marking the company that you're currently in the vehicle that you're currently in when you make it into a different vehicle a couple years not to eventually get to where you want to be number three okay so tip number three is do not ask people to join your team on your facebook post okay nobody's going to join your team if you're constantly asking people to join your team why the answer is because when you post asking someone to join your team it looks like to other people even a psychological level that you're needy because why would you ask you want people to think that you're sitting there chilling while people are joining your team you have enough success where you don't have to go out and ask people are doing it to you because other people will not want to have to go out and ask people join the team so if they see you doing that they're gonna it's going to turn them away from you tip number four is to document your journey through your business okay the key here is to promote yourself as a unique successful interesting and positive person to your audience ok and that will reflect on your opportunity as well when it comes to this pictures are extremely extremely important ok their report for the algorithms to make people see your post and then important for people being able to connect with you and what you're doing so you want to be posting pictures of business meetings ok people having success in your business you going out of business partners you working hard you grind you doing all these things you want to be posting pictures of all these things on your facebook without promoting the company instead promoting yourself and your opportunity to work with you alright so tip number five the last tip I have for you guys and your social media post is to always always always remain positive ok now the key here is that nobody's gonna want to do business with you if you post anything negative ok everything as we 100-percent uplifting to your audience now there's a harvard study done that found that you have to make eight good impressions just to make up for one bad impression ok so when it comes to facebook post you can't mess up not even one time so if you're fighting with your boyfriend/girlfriend one night facebook is not the place to document it get a diary get a friend get something posted pretty much anywhere you want but where you're trying to attract people to do business with you also nothing controversial at all if it's a controversial subject where some people may have one opinion and other people may have another opinion you don't want to post about it because you're going to literally half away at the percentages of your following when you do that and why don't recommend doing that i do recommend hack away to subscribe button below if you guys like this video also make sure that you're sharing this video with your team if you got value of this so that it helps them as well again my name is Kody Sell i'll see you guys next time thank you for watching 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