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In today's episode we'll be discussing the five best video marketing tips for 2017 Welcome everybody, I'm Tom the managing director of AMCO Productions I'm here with Stephen behind the camera.

We're going to be looking at a social live Facebook video, YouTube, Mobile optimized video and infotainment You're going to need this advice to make sure your marketing strategy is on point for 2017 2017 is going to be a big year for live-streaming, it's instant engaging content for your customers and you're able to interact with them on like a live basis.

So there are various platforms you can start using on its Facebook live, there's YouTube live, and periscope which is Twitter but today we're going to be focusing on facebook live as I know most of you probably have a following on facebook and so we're going to utilize that.

Some people use it for interacting with customers when they've got complaints about a product, you can give them instant feedback and they're able to go away with great knowledge.

I know someone who uses it for social media updates so every week or so they would give what was happening in the social media world so people can feed back to them, they can talk about different points, and it's great they've managed to use and create a great following from that, so I just think everyone should be using it.

So the second point I wanted to make is about YouTube.

It's the second biggest search engine behind Google and mostly it's because people just don't want to read anymore, no one wants to read this long blog about rubbish, when they could just watch a video in a minute and get ten times the amount of information in it.

People can type in how to on YouTube and it would come up with over 1 million things and it's becoming bigger and bigger what we need to do is to get the people who are still blogging, still doing the written stuff to adapt to this new revolution of YouTube.

Video is the here and now and it's the upcoming future as well I mean we've got Stevie here who's just hit seventy thousand subscribers 70,000 people subscribing to his YouTube channel, it's nuts.

It really is nuts.

but I was speaking to you earlier, if that was a blog, would you of hit seventy thousand subscribers? I just don't think so because video everyone is watching now watching their content to consume stuff no one reads as much anymore blogs and case studies are just on his popular so I think every medium should slowly get into visual if they want to be as popular.

There is opportunities there and the early adopters are the ones who are going to succeed the most.

There's already lots of early adopters on YouTube, they are smashing it.

Third, is a huge thing I think 2016 has been a huge thing for Facebook and Facebook video, how they've now made it such a great platform to scroll through your newsfeed and just have video's playing, instantly engaging you.

Facebook generates eight billion views per day on average it's a huge platform and once your business gets on it just make sure you're using it right, with the right content and you'll be sure to succeed.

Fourth point is, how many of you watching this has one of these I don't mean iPhone, I mean phone you've got an S7.

I've got an iPhone 6, i'm sure a lot of you have iPhones and this is the new TV, this is a TV now, people are watching more content on this small screen then they are on their 50-inch plasma TV on their TV wall.

It is crazy maybe we should of called ourselves AMCO Phones Yes I know, AMCO Mobile Video Production It's so important to make sure your videos are easily watched on mobile make sure it's not tiny subtitles across it that you can't even read, it is so important I think about eighty percent of videos are watched on a mobile, either through YouTube or Facebook, it's crazy stuff.

I know fifty percent of my viewers watch my content on mobile yeah so that's like a whole half of my market.

I need to make sure I cater to them and make sure the videos are watchable on their phone so yeah.

I don't to often, if i'm out I do actually to be fair but I do like to watch a video on my laptop.

Last but not least, I want to talk about infotainment.

Infotainment is the mixture of making video which is informative and entertaining so, say you've got your services page on your website, It's full of all what you do It's written text of all what you do and someone probably has got to sit there for half-an-hour to actually understand what you do, but instead you can have a one to two minute video telling you everything and the person only has to spend 2 minutes on your website to watch it and know exactly what you do and left entertained left with a good impression with the business and it will stand you out from your competitors.

They can really truly understand what you are about and who you are so obviously it's really important to make sure it's good and it's right for you and it's got your message in it.

Any questions or if you want to post your own tips, just comment below if you want some more video marketing advice, then subscribe that would be great other than that, thank you very much for watching the first ever episode of AMCO TV and thank you Stevie for being the trustee cameraman.

He'll be doing a video in a couple weeks, so you'll see who this magical Stephen is.

Anyways, thanks for watching and I'll see you next week.

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