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3 Steps To Winning Every Instruction – Estate Agent Marketing Tips


Hi I’m Sam Ashdown and in this video I’mgoing to share with you my 3 steps to help you win all the instructions that you want.

Hi, if you’ve been following all my video tips then hopefully you’re getting throughall the doors you want to get through.

But are you actually winning the instruction?How can you improve your conversion rate once in front of the landlord or the vendor?So I’m going to share with you 3 steps to help you convert all the market appraisalthat you want to from market appraisal to instruction.

So the 1st step is to send out a warmer pack as soon as that market appraisal has beenbooked.

Now this means giving yourself enough time between them booking it and obviouslythe appointment itself.

If that’s a few days and you’ve got the time to send itin a post, if that’s only a couple of days, you’ve got the time to drop it off.

If youhaven’t allowed yourself anytime at all I think you’re missing a vital step andin giving you the opportunity to really warm up that relationship between you and the vendoror the landlord before you turn up.

So you’re not turning up completely cold and havingto do all the work there and then in the appointment and that actually the pack could be lots ofnice information about your company.

It could be a little gift, anything you want really,something for them to engage with then have a look at.

It could be a homework list, youknow what to do before our appointment or what to expect on the appointment.

Anythingreally that helps them engage with your brand and your information and positions you asthe expert.

The 2nd step is to make sure that you callthe day afternoon or evening before the appointment just to confirm the appointment.

And if wasn’tyou that spoke to them let them know it’s going to be you that they’re going to bemeeting.

You could say, “Hi, I’m Sam from Downtown Estate Agents.

Come here and seetomorrow afternoon at 2:15 as arranged.

Just wanted to see the parking arrangements, goingto park on your drive, do we need to park on the road, is there a parking space nearby?”Those kind of things.

Anything really that helps you have a little chat with them beforeyour turn up.

So By the time you turn up, you started this kind of relationship wherethey don’t feel like you’re a total stranger.

They know what you sound like, they’ve spokento you, they’ve given you some easy information for them to give you which makes them feelgood too.

And then the 3rd step is once you’ve hadthe market appraisal and you followed all my tips and guidelines then after you’veleft obviously, you’re going to send them the required information as you supposed todo.

Giving them your fee and setting out the valuation of the property.

But also send thema quick video of yourself.

Simply just get your phone and just do a selfie video.

Thenjust say, “Hi, it was really lovely to see you, to meet you Mrs.


Thank you somuch for the cup of tea.

It was great to meet your dog merely…” anything else that’sreally personal so they know that it’s just made for them.

Just reiterate what you saidto them at the market appraisal.

So talk about the valuation maybe give more of a guide rangerather than just this specific valuation you’ve given in the letter.

Talk about the kind ofmarketing that you’re going to do for them.

So again, talk about photography, talk aboutthe brochure, talk about the right move add, anything that embellishes the informationyou gave them in the meeting.

Because everything is it –there’s only one in the meeting.

If only Mrs.

saw you and you really want to share this with Mr.

, you can do that by thisvideo.

Because that shall do, she’ll show it to her other half.

So by doing this video,you’re showing them that you value them, that you are prepared to go the extra milesgiving them information.

Nobody else will be doing that, none of your competitors willdo that.

It will really give you the edge and if you can try to give a bit of a freshinformation, something else that you can say to them that you didn’t say in the marketappraisal, for example, “Just wanted to let you know that the one down the road we’retalking about, it’s just sold to the full asking price.

So we will be delighted to takeyours on at this time.

It would be a really good opportunity to show it to all those peoplewho maybe missed out on the other properties” or something like that, that makes them feelthat you’ve got a bit of extra information.

So those are my 3 steps to help you win moreof the instructions that you want to by following those 3 steps.

So I really believe that youcan really increase your conversion rate.

Again, position you as an expert in your areaand really stand out above your competitors.

So thank you very much for watching.

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Uk and I’d love to hear from you.

Bye for now.

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